3 Days Trek in Nepal

3 Days Trek in Nepal

3 days treks in Nepal are doable and possible for those trekkers who have a very few time for trekking in Nepal. With limitless options of trek destinations and routes, Nepal is the ideal destination for both long and short duration treks.

3-day treks are perfect for a quick break from your busy lifestyle. It is short, easy and ideal for those who have time and budget constraint.

It provides the perfect glimpse of the diverse rich landscapes and culture of Nepal. This also gives you a look into the beautiful views of sunrise, sunsets, mountain peaks and many more.

For more information about the 3-day treks in Nepal, keep on reading.

Popular 3 Days Trek Packages in Nepal

Chisapani-Nagarkot Trek

Chisapani-Nagarkot Trek takes you to the outskirts of Kathmandu. From lush hills to the banks of beautiful rivers, you also get spectacular views of mountains, sunrises, and sunsets.

It is a short, easy and accessible trek. Chisapani is the highest elevation on this trek at only 2,135m. It provides spectacular mountain and landscape views.

This trek also takes you through the beautiful Shivapuri National Park. If you are lucky, you can catch glimpse of rare species of flora and fauna in the region. You will also stay overnight at Nagarkot. It offers spectacular sunrise and sunset views from here.

Itinerary at a glance

Day 1: Drive from Kathmandu to Sundarijal and trek to Chisapani

Day 2: Trek from Chisapani to Nagarkot

Day 3: Hike to Nagarkot View Point and Drive from Nagarkot to Kathmandu.

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Balthali Village Trek

This trek takes you to the beautiful Balthali Village. Leaving the busy Kathmandu city, you trek towards this small settlement on a plateau.

Only 40km away from Kathmandu, this trek still provides a sense of peace away from the noise and crowds of the city life. This trek also provides a glimpse into the Nepali countryside. You can see lush rice fields and traditional farmhouses.

Along with these, you get picturesque views of snowy mountain peaks and forests.

Itinerary at a glance

Day 01 Kathmandu to Dhulikhel (1440m) to Namo Buddha (1982m)

Day 02: Namo Buddha to Balthali (1,730m), Explore the village of Balthali

Day 03: Balthali to Panauti (1400 m.) and then to Kathmandu

Kathmandu-Namobuddha-Dulikhel Trek

Beginning with a short drive to Dhapasi, you trek through the ancient Newari town of Panauti. From here, you trek uphill to Namobuddha.

A holy place for both Hindus an Buddhists, Namobuddha lies on a hill. Here, you can explore the ancient caves, and temples that have a rich history and many legends associated with it.

You can also take a stroll through the complex of the beautiful monastery. This also gives you a look into the lives of the local monks in the monastery.

From here, you take the easy trail to Dhulikhel. Situated only 30km from the capital, Dhulikhel provides a stunning panorama of mountain peaks. This includes Langtang Lirung (7227m) in the west to Numbur (5945m) in the east. On clear days, you can also see mountain peaks like Dorje Lakpa (6966m), Gauri Shankar (7134m), and Melungtse (7181m).

Accessible through two different highways, you can do this trek as a day hike as well. The 3-day option gives you more time to relax and explore the beautiful places.

Itinerary at a glance

Day 01: Drive from Kathmandu to Dhapasi (1360m). Trek from Dhapasi to Namobuddha (1750m)

Day 02: Trek from Namobuddha to Dhulikhel (1550m)

Day 03: Explore Dhulikhel and drive to Kathmandu (1400m)

Nagarkot- Changunarayan Trek

This trek begins with a short hike to the beautiful and popular hill station of Nagarkot. It is famous among both domestic and international tourists. This place offers amazing sunrise and sunset views on the mountains.

Nagarkot is of the must-visit places in Nepal, it offers splendid views of some of the highest mountain peaks in the world including Mt. Everest. Other mountain peaks you can see are Ganesh Himal, and Langtang, Shisha Pangma (8013m). Besides these, you can also see Dome Blanc (6830m). Dorje Lakpa (6990m), Lonpo Gang (7083m), Purbi Chyachu (6658m), and Gauri Shankar.

After this fabulous view, you can take the easy trail to Changunarayan Temple. Listed on the UNESCO World Heritage, this temple provides you with great views of the valley. You can also take a stroll around the temple to enjoy the rich, ancient architecture. From here, you continue your trek to Bhaktapur.

Another one of the 7 World Heritage Sites of Nepal, Bhaktapur is a cultural city. Home to ancient palace, temples and stupas, a day of sightseeing is not enough to enjoy its beauty.

Itinerary at a glance

Day 01: Drive from Kathmandu to Nagarkot (hike starting point).Trek to Nagarkot hotel. (2175m)

Day 02: Trek from Nagarkot hotel to Nagarkot viewpoint (2195m) to Changunarayan. Trek from Changunarayan (1700m) to Bhaktapur (1401m).

Day 03: Sightseeing in Bhaktapur and drive to Kathmandu (1400m)

Dolakha – Kalinchowk trek

This trek has been gaining popularity as a short trek in Nepal. You get the feel of high altitude trek along with cultural experience in Nepal.

‘Kalinchowk’ is a hill-top temple in the area known as Kalinchowk Bhagwati. Dedicated to Goddess Kali (a Hindu Goddess of power and destruction), the temple is a famous Hindu pilgrimage site.

From the temple, you also get panoramic views of the mountains. Some of the mountains you can see are Gauri Shankar, Dorje Lakpa, Gurkarpo Ri, Langtang Lirung.

On the way, you will also get to enjoy the beautiful forest of rhododendron. These include different kinds of rhododendrons like Sunpate (Rhododendron anthopogon) and Tree rhododendrons. Along with these, you can also see Bell rhododendron (Rhododendron campanulate).

Itinerary at a glance

Day 1: Drive from Kathmandu to Charikot (1554m) and walk to Kuri village. (3800m)

Day 2: Walk / Cable Car to Kalinchowk Peak (3842m) and back to Charikot

Day 3: Charikot to Kathmandu

Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek

This trek is a perfect introduction to treks in the Annapurna region. It offers a glimpse into the rich and diverse flora and fauna of the region. Along with these, it also provides fabulous mountain views.

During spring, you can enjoy the colorful blossoms of the local flowers. This includes rhododendrons, magnolia, and other wildflowers. Along with fresh mountain air, you can enjoy the scents of the local flora and homecooked meals.

You will also pass through the suspension bridges, deep gorges, mountain streams, and charming villages.

Poon Hill offers breathtaking sunrise views over the mighty Himalayan peaks. On clear days, you can see mountain peaks like Gangapurna, Annapurna South, I, Dhaulagiri, and Hiunchul.

This is one of the most picturesque short treks in Nepal. If you want, you can extend also extend the duration of tGhorepani Poon Hill Trek.

Itinerary at a glance

Day 01: Drive from Pokhara to Nayapul (1070m) – Trek to Tikhedhunga (1480m)

Day 02: Tikhedunga to Ghorepani (2874m)

Day 03: Ghorepani to Poon Hill (3210m) to Nayapul and drive to Pokhara (1400m)

Things to Know Regarding 3 Days Trek in Nepal?

Hours Walked

On most 3 days treks in Nepal, you will walk around 4-5 hrs a day. You can walk longer or shorter depending on your itinerary.

Most trails are dirt paths that can be rocky, uneven and rough. These can also include steep slopes and uneven stairs.


More than walks, 3-day trek can include long drives to and from your start and end points of your actual trek.

Most tour packages provide comfortable 4-wheel drives. Dress comfortably for the long drives and make sure to bring water, snacks to enjoy during the drives.

These drives also offer fabulous views of hills, villages, streams and many more.


Most 3 day treks are easily accessible and near the big cities of Nepal. Hence, your choice of accommodation will be quite wide compared to the long duration treks of Nepal.

These can include 3-5 star hotels, basic lodges, tea houses or home stays. Depending on your preference and needs, you can choose your accommodation.

For a more relaxed and luxurious stay, you can indulge in 4-5 star hotels. If you want to get to know the local traditions and lifestyles better, you can opt for the local tea houses and homestays.

Meals and Drinks

Like accommodation, your choice for meals and drinks are quite wide. You can find plenty of local cafes, restaurants along with 4-5 star restaurants.

Depending on where you eat, your menu can differ. Yet most of these will offer local Nepali cuisine along with some Indian, Continental, Italian dishes. Make sure you try the local dishes to get a flavor of Nepal’s rich cuisine.

For drinks, most menus offer soft drinks, tea, coffee, flavored cold and hot drinks, water.


Nepal is one of the most affordable trekking destinations in the world.

Having said that, the total cost of your trek can be more or less depending on your choices on different factors. This factors can include the cost of accommodation, meals, duration, and trek destinations.

Luxury treks in Nepal can cost much more than budget treks.


Most of the 3-day treks in Nepal falls in the easy level of difficulty. It only includes 4-5 hours of walk. Even the highest altitude reached is below 3000m on most of these treks.

Hence, these treks are not only easy but comfortable and doable by beginners and novice. These treks are ideal for families with kids, elder individuals. It is also perfect for those looking for a relaxing hike in and around the big cities of Nepal.

Best Time for 3 Day Treks in Nepal

Trekking in Nepal is possible and doable throughout the year. Each of the four seasons of Nepal has its own pros and cons.

Depending on your preferences, you can choose the best time to go trekking in Nepal.

The local spring and autumn months are the most visited and popular seasons for a trek in Nepal. With more stable weather conditions, clear and dry days and moderate temperature, these are ideal seasons for a trek. But, due to these reasons, most treks see a huge number of treks leading to crowded trails and overbooking.

The local winter and summer months are less popular. These seasons see unstable weather conditions, some clear and dry days. The temperatures are extreme (either too hot or too cold).

Yet, these seasons offer peaceful trails, fewer crowds and are more budget-friendly.

Hence, the best time to trek depends on what you want from the trekking experience and your likes and dislikes.

But, if you are on a time constraint, the popular seasons are the ideal choice. In winter and summer, you may encounter delays due to the weather conditions. These can include roadblocks, flight delays, mudslides, avalanches, and landslides.

Alternatives for 3 Days Treks in Nepal

If you feel that none of these trek packages are for you, you can contact us to create your own customized trek packages. And you can choose to indulge in interesting tour options to enjoy 3 beautiful days in Nepal. Also, you can add them to your trekking packages and we will find a way to fit it into your trekking schedule.

Sightseeing Tours

There are many sightseeing tours you can do within the given time frame. For panoramic views of the mountain peaks, you can choose the 3 days Kathmandu Nagarkot tour.

For a more cultural experience, you can choose 3 days Lumbini Sightseeing tour. Else, you can opt for 3 days Kathmandu valley tour. This is ideal for those who don’t like long drives or treks.

Adventure Activities

For a more adventurous trip to Nepal, you can choose the thrilling and adventure activities. Some examples are 3 days river rafting in Nepal or jungle safaris in one of the many national parks of Nepal.

Final Say,

If you have a very short time for treks in Nepal, these are some of the most popular options. Ideal for people with no to little trekking experience, it is the perfect start of your trek journey.

You can also ask to shorten or lengthen most of the mentioned treks. If you desire to do so, feel free to contact us.

You can also contact us for any further queries or questions on any treks or tours to Nepal.

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