4 Nights, 5 Days Bhutan Tour

4 Nights, 5 Days Bhutan Tour

It is possible and enjoyable to have a 4 Nights, 5 Days Bhutan Tour for a short yet amazing adventure in Bhutan. You get a glimpse into the rich culture and tradition of Bhutanese people in this short and memorable trip.

If you wish, you can also opt for a cultural tour to Bhutan. And know about the various cultures, traditions, and celebrations of the locals of Bhutan.

This exotic tour takes you to some of the most popular tourist destinations of Bhutan- Thimphu, Punakha and Paro. These places give you an introduction to Bhutan’s marvellous history, arts, crafts, culture and lifestyle.

4 Nights, 5 Days Bhutan Tour Itinerary at a Glimpse

Day 1: Fly from Kathmandu to Paro.

Day 2: A memorable tour of Paro

Day 3: Drive from Paro to Punakha. Explore Punakha

Day 4: Drive to Thimphu. Explore Thimphu

Day 5: Drive to Paro and Fly to Kathmandu

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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Fly from Kathmandu to Paro

Early morning flight from Kathmandu to Paro. Every international flight journey to Bhutan begins in Paro. Para has the sole international airport of Bhutan.

On clear days, you can get majestic views of some of the highest peaks in the world on your flight. You can see mountain peaks like Mt. Everest and other surrounding peaks on the flight to and from Bhutan.

After you land at the Paro airport your guide and driver for the trip will welcome you to Bhutan. From here, they will drive to your hotel. Once here, depending on the itinerary plans you have you will involve in different for the rest of the day.

Some choose to spend time indoors pampering their body and mind. You can spend the time in a spa, steam baths, meditation or just relaxing in the comforts of your room.

Else, you can choose to tour some of the other must-visit places not covered in Day 2 of the tour. Or, you can simply indulge in some adventure activities. You can explore the Paro city and the places like

Paro Airport Bird’s Eye View Point

Instead of heading straight to the hotel, ask if you can stop at the Paro Airport Bird’s Eye View Point. It offers a grand and exquisite view of the entire city of Paro. The colorful and magnificent sight will leave you awestruck. It is a great way to start your tour.

National Museum

Take a stroll in the national museum of Bhutan in Paro. This museum depicts some of the greatest saints and leaders in Bhutan.

It also holds some of the historically significant traditional masks and costumes. It has a wide collection of fine arts, paintings and a stamp hall. The stamp hall displays 3D stamps, record stamps, and the famous triangular stamp depicting the Yeti.

You can spend the evening of your first day here watching the best sunset in the entire region of Paro.

Adventure activities

Instead of visiting different places or driving to and from different places, you can enjoy some physical activities. Paro has some of the best adventure activities on offer in Bhutan. You can choose from a wide range of daily activities like mountain biking, short hikes, rafting and kayaking.

You can enjoy all of these with the beautiful scenery of Paro as your backdrop.

Day 2: Tour of Paro

After breakfast, you will join a drive to the north of Paro valley. You will visit the ruins of Drukgyel Dzong. After this, you will visit a traditional Bhutanese farmhouse. This gives you a look into the lives of the local farmers. You get to explore the exquisite beauty of the region. It includes

Drukgyel Dzong: This is an ancient fort in ruins. From this fort, the Bhutanese repelled several invasions by Tibetan armies.

After this, you will take an excursion to Taktsang Monastery. The Excursion to Taktsang Monastery viewpoint takes about 5 hours for round trip.

Taktsang Monastery: It is one of the most famous Bhutanese monasteries. According to legends, Guru Rinpoche arrived here on the back of a Tigress. He meditated at this Monastery, hence the name ‘Taktsang’. The literal translation of the word ‘Taktsang’ is “Tiger’s Nest”.

On the way back to Paro, you will visit Kyichu Lhakhang.

Kyichu Lhakhang is one of the oldest and most sacred shrines of Bhutan. It holds the idols of Jawa Jampa, Chenrisig. It is also home to ancient relics and intricate wood architecture. You can also see a 5m high statue of Guru Rinpoche in the next structure. It is a must visit for anyone who wants a glimpse of the ancient history, art and culture of Bhutan.

After the tour, you will spend the night at the hotel in Paro. This day covers some of the must-visit sites of Paro.

Day 3: Drive to Punakha, Explore Punakha

After a filling breakfast in Paro, you will drive to Punakha. Here again, you have options of what you want to do in Punakha. You will spend the night at a beautiful hotel in Punakha.

Punakha has something for every visitor. If you have interest and want to explore and know the history and culture of Bhutan, some of the places to visit in Punakha are:

Punakha Dzong

Punakha Dzong served as the capital before Thimphu. It is one of the oldest and biggest dzongs of Bhutan. It is home to ancient and holy relics of Bhutan. It offers a glimpse of the marvellous ancient architecture. You can see the beautifully painted woods to the whitewashed walls.

Chimi Lhakhang is also known as the ‘temple of fertility’. It is frequently visited by both local and foreign visitors.

Khamsum Yulley Namgyal Chorten

As per the principles described in the Holy Scriptures, this regal chorten was then built. It was not built following the modern engineering manuals.

It was Her Majesty Queen Mother who built this Chorten. It was to ward off the negative forces and to bring peace and harmony to all living beings. Khamsum Yulley Namgyal Chorten is a classic example of art, architecture and tradition of Bhutan.

For nature lovers, you can opt to visit the following places in Punakha.

Jigme Dorji National Park

This park is named after and built by the 3rd king of Bhutan, Jigme Dorje in 1974. The exotic park is the second largest in the country with an area of 4316km.

It is home to many endangered animals of the world like Himalayan musk deer, Red Panda, Snow Leopard, Asiatic wild dog, Royal Bengal Tiger. You can see the beautiful rivers like Mochu, Pocchu, Wangchu and Pachu in the park. The park also has the largest number of natural hot springs.

Torsa Strict Nature Reserve

Undisturbed by human settlement, Torsa strict nature reserve is a nature lover’s paradise. You can enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the beautiful lake of Sinchulunga and the beautiful alpine and broad leaves tree.

This nature reserve is home to many species of endangered flora and fauna. Rufous-necked hornbill is one of the popular ones.

For the adventure lovers, you again have many choices. Some of the more popular ones are:

Punakha Trek

This is one of the easiest and most popular treks of Bhutan. It is suitable for all including beginner or novice trekkers. The highest altitude is only 3400m.

This trek begins at Thimphu and ends in the beautiful Punakha valley. You will pass through beautiful, lush valleys, landscapes and forest. You will also have the opportunity to visit Phajoding Monastery and cross the gorgeous Sinchula Pass.

Punakha Suspension Bridge

Amidst the natural beauty of the Punakha valley of Bhutan lies the Punakha Suspension Bridge. It is the 2nd longest suspension bridge of Bhutan. Built high on the Po Chu river, the beautiful arched wooden bridge connects Punakha Dzong to Punakha City.

It is a must visit for anyone seeking thrill and adrenaline rush amidst a beautiful natural setting.

Day 4: Drive to Thimphu

After breakfast, you will drive to Thimphu. The itinerary for the day resumes the sightseeing tour.

You will first visit Tashichhodzong. After this, you will visit the National Library followed by a visit to National Memorial Chorten and Handicraft Emporium.

All these places are a reflection of the rich and colorful arts, architecture and history of Bhutan. It is a busy yet enriching day tour.


It is a beautiful medieval fortress and monastery. It is the summer residence of Je Khenpo. Je Khenpo is the chief Abbot of Bhutan Institute of Zorig Chusum. ‘Zorig Chusum’ refers to the 13 traditional arts and crafts of Bhutan. In the institute, students can undertake a course on the Zorig Chusum.

National Library

This library holds an extensive collection of Buddhist texts and manuscripts. Some of them date back to several hundred years. It is also home to modern academic books on Himalayan culture and religion.

The Post office

The post office is no doubt a beautifully designed piece of architecture in Bhutan. Yet, many people visit the place for its wide range of beautiful stamps. You can also make personalized stamps that you or anyone else in Bhutan can use as regular stamps in Bhutan.

National Memorial Chorten

This memorial is one of the most visible, religious structures in Thimphu. It has golden bells and spires.

It was made in memory of the 3rd king of Bhutan, Jigme Dorji Wangchuck. Unlike many stupas in Bhutan, this stupa doesn’t enshrine any human remains. It is a Tibetan-style chorten or stupa.

Handicrafts Emporium

The handicraft emporium is an organized marketplace where the locals can display and sell handmade products. This includes a wide assortment of beautiful handwoven and crafted products. Some of the popular ones include festival masks, bamboo products, rugs, traditional clothes and bags. It is the perfect place to shop for souvenirs of Bhutan- made products.

Day 5: Drive to Paro Airport and fly to Kathmandu

The 5th and final day starts with a hearty breakfast. After this, it is time to say goodbye to all your local guide, porter and driver.

Your driver will drop you off to Paro airport. You will then take a flight back to Kathmandu.

Best Season To Visit Bhutan

Autumn is the peak season to visit Bhutan. The glorious autumnal colors and pleasant weather conditions are ideal for treks and tours in the country.

Spring is another wonderful season to visit Bhutan. With pleasant temperatures and colorful wildlife, the spring months of March and April are a great time to visit Bhutan.

If you plan to travel to Bhutan during these peak seasons then you must book months in advance as the autumn months are the busiest. We have to arrange for the flights, food and accommodations beforehand.

Best Time to See Bhutanese Festivals

Bhutan boasts a number of fascinating festivals. They are a great way to get an up-close look into the tradition and lifestyle of the people.

Two of the biggest and most important festivals take place in Thimphu and Paro. These are the Thimphu tsechu (takes place in autumn) and Paro Tsechu (takes place in spring). You can book your 4 Nights and 5 Days Bhutan tour for these festivals as well.

There are also specific tours centred around these beautiful and colorful festivals. These include the Paro Tsechu Festival Tour and Bhutan Thimphu Festival Trek. You can opt for these cultural tours to Bhutan and become a part of the cultural proceedings and the clebrations.

4 Nights and 5 Days Bhutan Tour- Things to remember

  • Due to the diverse landscape of Bhutan, it experiences a range of weather conditions in the same season. Make sure you collect adequate information on the weather of the season you are traveling to and pack appropriately for your Bhutan tour.
  • You can also opt to do hikes to the must-visit places within the city.
  • Instead of your hotel stay, opt for a homestay at least once. This gives an intimate look into the lives of the local people.
  • Instead of eating at the hotel or restaurant, enjoy picnics like the locals do. It is a pleasant experience with the beautiful nature around you.
  • If you are not into spicy food, make sure to let your guide or tour operator know in advance. Almost all the dishes have spices in them in Bhutan.
  • When entering any of the dzongs, temples or monasteries, make sure you remove your shoes, hats and scarves.
  • You must hire a tour company and apply for a visa before setting off to Bhutan.
  • You will see a lot of phallic symbols. They have religious value. Ask if you can take photos in front of one.
  • If you are into archery, try it in Bhutan. It is the national sport of the country. All the 3 cities on your tour have an archery field.
  • Make sure you have enough local currency to cover your expense of the trip. ATM and card machines are not always reliable in Bhutan.

Final Say,

This short and exotic tour gives you an introduction to the rich and vibrant culture of Bhutan. This tour takes you through the stunning landscape of Bhutan. You will also visit monuments of historical and religious importance.

We can modify the activities included in the 4 nights, 5 days Bhutan tour as your preference. Feel free to contact us for personalized Bhutan tours. You can contact us for any further queries or questions you may have regarding this tour or any tour and treks in Bhutan or Nepal.

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