Adventure Sports in Nepal

Adventure Sports in Nepal

Recognized as a hub for adventure, Nepal sees thousands of visitors every year seeking to lose themselves to the intoxication of the adrenaline rush. The unique topographical structure makes Nepal a perfect spot for all kinds of extreme sport. Some of the most thrilling adventure sports Nepal has to offers are-

1.      Trekking and mountaineering


Eight among the 10 highest peaks in the world are situated in Nepal. Hundreds of people visit Nepal for mountain expedition and four times the number for trekking and hiking. Nepal allows you to experience high altitude along with extraordinary scenic beauty.

From short treks to long treks, Nepal has something for all kinds of adventures- the amateurs and the experts. The most popular trekking regions are Annapurna Region and the Everest region.

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2.      Bungee jumping


Nepal has the second longest Bungee jumping in the world. It is situated in the northern region of Nepal close to the Tibetan Border. The suspension bridge built at a height of 160m with an elegant river raging below it. The spot is encircled with a magnificent view of green hills and dense forest. The experience of the jump is beyond description and can only be experience.

The other site is situated in Pokhara. It isn’t very high but pretty much equally thrilling.

3.      Paragliding


Fulfill our dream of soaring in the sky high above the ground for a bird’s perspective. What makes paragliding an amazing experience in Nepal is the horizon of the Sky decorated with pearly white-mountain peaks and the view of the amazing landscape below. Among all the places for Paragliding, Pokhara happens to be one of the best.

4.      Sky diving

Sky diving is yet another popular extreme sport of Nepal. There are several destinations from which you can sky dive. The most thrilling one is the Everest Sky diving which includes a drop from 23,900 ft. The fall is amidst the peaks of the highest mountain ranges. Along with Mt. Everest, you will also get a spectacular view of several other peaks.

5.      Rafting

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Nepal happens to one of the richest country in its composition of fresh water bodies. From slow moving rivers with few rapids to fast flowing rivers with several rapids, Nepal has all kinds of rivers for all kinds of enthusiast. Most of these rivers have carved their way between beautiful hills with a backdrop of the snow-capped mountains, making the experience even more worthwhile.


These are only few among the many other adventure sports of Nepal. Even the same sport yields different experience in different regions. Other sports include mountain biking, rock climbing, zip lining, mountain flight and so on. Visit Nepal to experience some thrill for yourself and add life to that travel journal of yours.

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