Bhutan Hiking Tours

Bhutan Hiking Tours

Bhutan is a dream destination for many reasons. It has dramatic scenery, winding mountain passes, snow-capped peaks. You can also enjoy the fluttering of prayer flags during your Bhutan hiking Tours. Along with the vibrant rhododendron forests in Bhutan. It has a colorful culture steeped in religion and mythology.

Bhutan Hiking Tours is a different experience. The routes are peaceful and quiet with little to no commercial development. There are fewer tourists and visitors on the trails.

The experience of hiking in Bhutan is perfect for those seeking solitude. It is also ideal for viewing some of the most beautiful, well preserved traditional lifestyle and culture.

There are very few to no tea houses on the trails. The only people you will meet or see on the trails will be nomadic shepherds. There are no posh lodges, restaurants or cafes on the trails.

Bhutan offers a range of hikes immersed in rustic beauty. You can choose from challenging high altitude treks to easy, few days hikes. You are bound to find an ideal hike that meets your needs in Bhutan.

Druk Path Trek

Druk Path Trekking

The Druk Path Trek is one of the short and fairly easy treks. The trek starts near Paro and takes you over the mountains to Thimphu. The highest point of this trek is 4200m.

This trek passes through several pristine lakes. You can watch the beautiful large trouts swimming in clear waters.

You also get views of Mt. Gangkar Puensum (7570m), the tallest peak of Bhutan. This is also the highest unclimbed mountain in the world.

This trek takes you along high ridges between ancient religious dzongs (fortresses). You will also get to see old settlements of the local in the mountains. You can also enjoy the beautiful forests of pine and rhododendron on the trails.

The Druk Path Trek can take anywhere between 4-8 days. You can adjust the duration to suit your needs.

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Dagala Thousand Lakes Trek

Dagala Thousand Lakes Trek

The Dagala Thousand Lakes Trek is a short yet slightly more challenging trek. It has several ascents and descents of intervening ridges which are over 1000m in relief.

As the name suggests, you will encounter many lakes on this trek. The beautiful, crystal clear waters are bound to mesmerize you.

You will walk through beautiful and colorful forests of rhododendron. To enjoy the forests in its full glory, the spring season is the best time to do this trek.

Hikers can enjoy stunning views over the glistening water towards the Himalayan mountain range. Some of the world’s highest peaks including Mount Everest, Mt. Kanchenjunga are visible from here.

On this trek, you will camp in yak pastures, beautiful meadows of mountain flowers beside the lakes.

The lakes in the region are famous for its trouts.

Snowman Trek

Lunana Snowman Trek

This is one of the most famous yet most difficult treks in Bhutan. This trek can take anywhere between 25 days to more than a month.

The Snowman trek crosses 11 passes. Some of the high ones are Gangla Karchung La at 5230m, Jazz La, 5251m, Loju La, 5155m and Rinchen Zoe La, 5332m.

The trail takes you through river valleys, alpine meadows and pastures. You will also pass through orchards, and rhododendron forests. You can also see beautiful, tall waterfalls and lakes. You can also spot wildlife such as blue sheep, yaks, and griffon vultures.

The Snowman Trek is also named as “the most difficult trek in the world”. It is a very remote and tough trek. Hence, only a handful of trekkers attempt this trek in a year.

Bumthang Owl Trek

Trekking to Bhumthang-Ura

This is one of the shorter treks and a great option for travelers who are short on time. It is also an easy trek suitable for beginners.

This hike follows the hills around Bumthang. You pass through beautiful forests of bamboo, rhododendron, blue pine, birch, maple and juniper.

You will also get to visit several monasteries like Zambala, Chuedak, Tharpaling. You can see beautiful stone carved statues of Tibetan gods.

The Bumthang Owl Trek also passes through some lovely Bhutanese villages. The nomadic Khep and Brokpa people inhabit some of the villages along the trails.

Samtengang Winter Trek

Samtengang Winter Trek

This is a beautiful, unchallenging low altitude trek. If you visit Bhutan in winter, this is the trek for you.

The Samtengang Winter Trek is one the easily accessible treks. This trek is a scenic little adventure. It takes you through several beautiful villages, farms, temples and monasteries. You can see Mt. Jhomolhari (7315m) and Kang Bum Peak (6840m) on this trek. This trek is great for sightseeing and plant exploring.

Best time to do hikes in Bhutan

While doing Bhutan Hiking tours, weather condition is one of the key factors to consider. Bhutan enjoys four different seasons. Each of the seasons has its own beauty and adventure.

Spring and Autumn

These two are the best seasons for visiting and trekking in Bhutan. You can enjoy fabulous weather and great temperatures during this month.

If you are a nature lover, spring is the season for you. From colorful rhododendron blooms to the beautiful wildflowers, this season is ideal.

Autumn is fabulous for its mild temperatures and perfect weather conditions.


Bhutan enjoys a wet summer. The summer months of June to August have high temperatures and are humid. These months also experience heavy torrential rainfall. The trails can be muddy and slippery.

Hence, these months are not great for treks. You will also find the trails infested with leeches.


December and January are winter months in Bhutan. If you don’t mind the cold, these months are great for the trek. The overall cost is also less as these are non-peak seasons in Bhutan. You can enjoy snowfall, snow-covered mountains, and hills.

Additional Things to Keep in Mind while Hiking in Bhutan

No tea houses or lodges on the trek routes

Almost all the hikes and treks in Bhutan is like a camping trip. You will hardly come across any tea houses or lodges on the routes of your treks. Hence, you will be camping.

You will sleep inside tents at designated campsites. Your camps will include a sleeping tent, a toilet tent, a mess tent and a cook’s tent. A trained chef and other staff will accompany every hiker on your treks or hikes.

No Porters

There are no porters in Bhutan. Hence, you will be carrying your own daypack. A mule or yak will carry the rest of your gears and equipment.

Hence, a mule and its caretaker will be part of your hiking staff.


During your Bhutan Hiking tour, your chef for the hike will cook or prepare all your meals. These will be freshly cooked, healthy meals. You may not have a wide variety of choices. If you have any specifications, inform your tour operator beforehand.

Festivals in Bhutan

Besides hikes and treks, Bhutan is famous for its incredible, colorful festivals. Many of the major ones involve massive, elaborate performances. These can include masked dances, songs, dramas.

If you have a flexible time, choose a date which includes a festival. These are great to enjoy local culture, tradition. You can witness the local festivities, dramas, cuisine.

Some of the popular festivals are Tsechu festival in Paro, Thimphu Tsechu, Haa Summer Festival, Black Necked Crane festival.

You can check out the Thimphu Festival Trek centered around the Thimphu Tsechu. The days of the festivals do change, so be sure inquire.

Final Say,

There are Bhutan hiking tours suitable for everyone. From long, difficult ones to short and easy ones, you can have your pick from the long list of hiking destinations.

The hike to Bhutan offers a grand combination of natural beauty to the well-preserved lifestyle of the locals. You also get views of some of the highest unclimbed mountains in the world.

Bhutan hikes are like cultural tours. You can witness and learn about the culture and tradition of Bhutan in your treks.

Feel free to contact us for any information on tours or hikes to Bhutan.

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