Bhutan Tour Packages

Bhutan Tour Packages

Bhutan is one of the great Himalayan kingdoms of the world. It is a unique destination suitable for all kinds of vacation. So, you can choose from different Bhutan Tour Packages which meets your demands.

You can select from the cheap budget tours to private- luxury tours. There are also tour packages centered around the festivals, or for the sightseeing tour. You can also create your own custom tours to suit your needs.

Bhutan is a prime tourist destination for travelers around the world. Visits here offer a look into the rich Buddhist culture and the stunning nature. You can visit the historical monuments, do cultural exploration, go trekking, or do sightseeing during Bhutan tours.

Regular Bhutan Tour Packages

There are different regular packages for touring Bhutan. The regular tours include visits to the popular regions of Bhutan. These include places like Paro, Thimphu, Punakha, and others. You also visit some of the must-see Tourist attractions of these regions. Some of the regular Bhutan tour packages are:

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Bhutan Tour Packages Centered around Festivals

Bhutan is well-known for its grand and colorful festivals. Hence, many tour agencies offer packages centered around these. These can either be tours or treks.

Some examples are:

Paro Tsechu Tour

This short tour takes you to Bhutan in time to witness one of the most popular tsechus (Buddhist festivals) of Bhutan.

During this tour, you will sightsee the beautiful regions of Thimphu and Paro. Along with this, you will get the wonderful chance to indulge in the local festivities of Paro Tsechu.

Things to look forward to during this Buddhist religious festival are:

  • Masked dances performed by trained monks and laymen wearing colorful costumes.
  • Unfurling of the silk Thangka (frescoes). This ancient thangka is only exhibited for a few hours at daybreak on the final day of the festival.
  • Locals dressed in their finest, traditional clothes and jewelry.

11 Days Bhutan Thimphu Festival & Trek

This trek takes you to Bhutan during the exciting and happening festival at Thimphu.

Walking through the beautiful regions of Paro and Thimphu gives you a different perspective of the country.

It brings you closer to the country’s rich cultural history and stunning scenery.

During the non-trek days, you will enjoy the spectacular and colorful celebration of Thimphu festival. During these days, you will also indulge in some sightseeing tours.

On your trek, you pass through huge rhododendron forests, get lovely views of the mountains. You will also get a look at the city as well as the village life of the local people of Bhutan.

Meditation Tour Packages in Bhutan

Bhutan is suitable for all types of meditation practitioners- beginners to serious. The country has amazing views, peaceful locations and many places suitable for meditation. Hence, Bhutan is the ideal place for meditation tours.

During these meditation tours, you can enjoy solitary retreats. Along with these, you can enjoy the beauty and serenity of nature and the monasteries.

Luxury Tour Packages in Bhutan

Luxury Tours are also possible in Bhutan. These tours give you the chance to enjoy the Bhutanese rich culture, nature, and festivals in style.

These tours include private tours and 4-5 star hotel stays. Luxury tours in Bhutan are relaxing and offers extraordinary moments.

Some of the Luxury tour packages come with complimentary yoga sessions or massages. Be sure to try them out.

Examples of Bhutan’s Luxury Tours are:

  • 4 Days Uma Paro Himalayan Escape
  • Amankora Packages

Nature Treks and Tour Packages in Bhutan

Gasa Tsachu (Hot Springs) Trek

One of the shorter and easy treks in Bhutan, the Gasa Tsachu (Hot Springs) trek has good trails and takes place at low altitude.

The trek does include walking up and down hills. Yet this trek is comfortable and doable by most individuals.

As the name suggests, you also get a chance to indulge in the natural hot springs (Tsachu). Along with these, you get spectacular views from Gasa Dzong. You can also visit the nearby Yambesa Chorten and the Jigme Dorji National Park.

Samtengang Winter Trek

This 54km long trek ranges between altitudes of 1100-1900m in altitude. It takes you through the beautiful Punakha Valley.

During this trek, you pass through several attractive villages, farms, temples & monasteries. On clear days, you also get fabulous views of Mt. Jhomolhari (7315 m) in the west and Kang Bum Peak, located above Gaza (6300 m).

The route is also a great route to explore the rich variety of flora and fauna of the region.

Eco-Tourism Tour

Nature or eco-tour is an important aspect of Bhutan’s policy to sustain tourism. It ensures minimum to no destruction to its environment.

There are different eco-tourism tour available in Bhutan. Some popular ones include safari tour packages to any one or more of the Conservation Areas of Bhutan. Some conservation areas are off-limits to travelers. This is true for those areas that are home to delicate environments.

Gomphu – Royal Bhutan Manas National Park tour is a perfect example of this kind of tour.

The Best Time to Visit Bhutan

Due to Bhutan’s geographical location, it has a diverse climate. Even during the same season, different parts of Bhutan can enjoy different weather conditions. This is due to the variations in altitude.

The ‘Land of Thunder Dragon’- Bhutan enjoys 4 seasons- Summer, Spring, Autumn, and Winter.

Visitors can visit Bhutan in any season. Each season offers a different perspective on the culture and nature rich country.

The autumn months of September to November and spring months of March to May have the best weather conditions. You can enjoy your treks and tours to Bhutan in clear, dry and warm weather. You can also enjoy the blooms of the local flora during spring.

Spring and autumn seasons are also ideal for indulging in adventure sports. Some of the popular adventure sports of Bhutan are rafting, kayaking, rock climbing, mountain biking.

Yet, for visitors who wish to save money and/or avoid crowds, summer and winter seasons are an ideal season.

During winter (December- February), you can enjoy snowfall in Bhutan. Winter also offers spectacular views of snow-capped mountain peaks. Winter is great for those who want to witness the black-necked cranes in their natural habitat.

In Summer, you get the occasional rainfall. Yet on the clear days, you can enjoy the warm weather and the less crowded tourist destinations.

These off-peak seasons are also great to see a different side to the water sources of Bhutan. In winter, you can check out the frozen waterfalls, streams and lakes. In summer, many new small streams and rivulets form due to the rainfall.

Booking your Bhutan Tour Package

The Government of Bhutan does not allow independent travelers. For travels, tours or treks to Bhutan, you have to book your trip with a Bhutanese travel agent like us.

Allow us to do it for you. We will help you with everything related to your visit to Bhutan. This includes the planning, customizing itineraries, making a reservation, getting permits, visa.

You can travel solo, couple or in groups to Bhutan. For those looking for better price deals, traveling in groups to Bhutan is ideal.

If you enjoy a private tour then you can indulge in a solo tour to Bhutan. Regardless of how large or small a group you travel with, you will always have a local guide with you.

Tips for Bhutan Tour

  • You will need to wire your tour payment. Paying by cash and card is not possible.
  • Opt for a homestay at least for one day during your trip. You will stay with a local family in Bhutan. This gives you an authentic experience of the local Bhutanese.
  • Bhutanese prefer spicy food. If you don’t like spicy food, let your tour operator know in advance. This way, they can tone it down for you.
  • Phallic worship is common in Bhutan. It is a part of Bhutan’s culture.
  • The Government of Bhutan doesn’t allow climbing any of its mountains.
  • When visiting any of the religious places in Bhutan like dzongs, temples, dress properly. Else, you may not get to visit the interior areas of these place.

Proper clothing involves long pants, long sleeve shirts or t-shirts. You also need to remove your shoes and caps before entering these places.

  • If you smoke, bring your own smokes. The Government of Bhutan has banned the production and sale of tobacco products.
  • Indulge in the national sport of DHA (archery). The local game of archery is quite different from international sport.
  • Astrology is an important aspect of Bhutanese culture. Respect what your guide has to say about it. If you like, get a consultation as well. The Bhutanese astrology is quite different from Western astrology.
  • Some places do not allow photography or videos. If unsure, feel free to ask your guide.

Final Say,

Although a very small country, it has one of the most profound and rich cultural diversity and heritage.

You will find something worth exploring and visiting in this incredible land. And, you are bound to find a tour package that suits your needs.

For any further queries or questions on Bhutan Tour Packages, please feel free to contact us.

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