Nepal Eco adventure running by professionals is unique and distinct among all the running trekking operators in Nepal. We are surely for business and service of our client along with this Nepal Eco Adventure is fully committed to the socioeconomic development of many of the nooks and corners of Nepal. Nepal is small country with developing phase thus small help from each level will help to develop the country. And there is no doubt that the natural conservation takes place accordingly with educational development in Nepali community.
Concerning above facts Nepal Eco adventure is committed for some of the educational aid in nooks and corners of Nepal. We are recently creating as much as volunteering trekking and tours as per desire of our customers. Volunteering is possible with us. Nepal Eco Adventure Service Volunteer Program is first and foremost intended to bring forth coordinated hard work of all the experts and individuals in different areas under one platform and thereon work towards achieving its common goal and mission. It provides a unique opportunity for volunteers to live and work in Nepal.
For example Nepal Eco adventure organizes charity trekking to chake. Through this trekking we have done vast improvement in the field of education level at chake among the children’s. Chake is our initiation for development aid. Including chake we Nepal Eco Adventure and the entire team is committed to national development along with trekking and tour service under satisfactory manner. The chief objective of this package or idea is to boost the life mode of the people in the rural community by creating socioeconomic opportunity.