Everest Base Camp Trek in December

Everest Base Camp Trek in December

December is one of the less popular months for treks to Everest Base Camp. With the beginning of winter, you can still enjoy most perks of the autumn season. Yet, unlike the autumn, you can enjoy the peace and tranquility of the trails, nature, and mountains in December.

Everest Base Camp Trek in December is doable and possible. Everything from the accommodations, meals, awesome views are on offer during this month.

You may also get wonderful discounts or complimentary services during your treks during this month. This is the time of fewer tourists in the trek to EBC so, you get to walk in the crowd-free trails.


Everest Base Camp Weather in December

Everest Base Camp Weather in December

December is the beginning of the winter season.

You can enjoy your walks in cool temperatures during the day. While the temperatures drop down to negative degrees in the early mornings and nights.

This month has very low precipitation levels of the only 3mm. This means you can also enjoy fabulous views of the frozen surrounding along with the crisp mountain air.

The average sunshine hours per day is only 5-7 hours. Hence, you need to reach your destination for the day early. Else, you might have to trek in the dark.

The average daily wind speed is around 12-19 k/hr. Hence, you may need to consider the wind chill factor as well.

Lukla at 2,829m is the start and end points of most Everest Base Camp trek. Here, you can enjoy daily average temperatures of 4°C.

At Namche, during the days, you may enjoy cool temperatures of around 2-8°C during the days. During the nights, the temperatures can drop to -7°C.

From Dingboche at 4,483m, it starts to get chilly even during the day. The average daily temperature is around -5°C. At Lobuche at 4,910m, the average daily temperature is around -8°C.

Gorak Shep is the highest sleeping elevation. You will trek higher but come back here for the night. Here at 5,180m, the daily average temperature is around -9°C.

Being prepared with the right winter supplies and sleeping bag suitable for -20°C does help to ease your trek.

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Why Everest Base Camp Trek in December?

Why Everest Base Camp Trek in December

Less Rainfall

December has almost no precipitation in the Everest Region. You will get very little to no rain or snow. You can enjoy the dry trails along with the dry weather.

Clear and Amazing Visibility

December brings chilly winter winds which blow away the clouds surrounding the Everest ranges. The weather is also dry with very low chances of rain or snow. You will trek under the clear blue skies with amazing visibility.

Hence, you can enjoy the fabulous views that are on offer in the Everest Base Camp trek in December.

Fewer Trekkers

December is an off-season for treks in Nepal. Hence, you meet fewer trekkers on your way to Everest Base Camp. This leaves you to have the trails and the hospitality of its people to yourself.

You have the chance to enjoy the undisturbed nature of the trek along with the spectacular views in peace.

More Budget Friendly

December is the start of the off-peak season for treks in Nepal.

It is also the month when tour and trek operators start offering discounts and package deals. Hence, be on the lookout for these. Some of the offers are great with complimentary services, group discounts, discounts on flights, and others.

Nepal is already one of the most affordable trek destinations in the world. During December, it becomes more budget friendly.

Hence, for the backpackers and people with tight budgets, December can be a great month to do treks in Nepal, including Everest Base Camp.

More Choices for Accommodations

As it is the beginning of winter, almost all the lodges and tea houses are still running. With the fewer number of trekkers, you will find the lodges and tea houses quiet and peaceful.

Without many bargains, you can get your choice of rooms at better prices and enjoy the full attention of the lodge owners.

During the nights, you can stay near the fireplace of the kitchen. Some of the fancier hotels also offer complimentary services.

Easy Flights

Like your accommodation, you will have your choice of flights in December. With fewer trekkers, it is easy to find flights to suit your needs. This includes both international flights and flights from and to Lukla.

Festivals in December

Udhauli Festival

December is a host to some of the low key ethnic festivals quite unique to Nepal. These are Bibaha Panchami, Yomari Punhi, and Udhauli Festival.

Yomari Punhi

Celebrated by the Newar community of Nepal this festival takes place during the full moon day of December.

You can enjoy the delicacy ‘Yomari’ on this day. It is a confection of rice flour (from the new harvest) dough shaped like fish. It is then filled with brown cane sugar and sesame seeds.

Udhauli Festival

This annual celebration is a festival of the Kirat community of eastern Nepal. It marks the migration of animals and birds downwards to low altitude. As winter hits the community’s homelands, traditionally they migrated towards the warmer regions.

Everest Base Camp Trek in December With or Without Guides

Base Camp Trek in December

In December, having a guide is ideal. You can do Everest Base Camp treks with or without guides.

There will be fewer trekkers on the trails. You will come across a few people. Hence, if you get lost or injured, you will find it hard to come across someone to help.

A guide ensures you don’t get lost. A guide also has first aid knowledge. If there is any snowfall or rainfall, a guide can still tell which route to take. During these conditions, the trails may be difficult to track due to the mud and snow.

It is also a good idea to hire a porter.

During December, along with all your regular trekking essentials, you will also have to pack your winter gear. The trails can also get slippery due to the occasional snow or rain.

Hence, having a porter to carry your thing help you to do the trek at ease and comfort. You can also focus on the trek better and have less burden on your back.

Packing for Everest Base Camp Trek in December

Everest Base Camp

While trekking to EBC, you need to pack your trekking essentials for a high altitude trek. For December, you need to add your winter essentials as well. This should include insulation layers and snow proof down jackets and pants.

Also, make sure your trekking boots have good grips and are waterproof. This way your feet won’t get wet and you will avoid slipping on the snow.

Also, pack sleeping bags suitable for -10 degrees Celsius along with the liner for extra warmth.

A trekking pole is also a must in December. It will be useful to maintain balance and for support on the trails.

Final Say,

Everest Base Camp Trek in December is a great way to experience this trek in a unique snowy way.

If you don’t mind the winter cold you can do this trek with the right preparation and gears. You may end up having a fabulous trip with perfect snowy mountain views.

For any further queries or questions about this trek or any other trek in December or any other month of the year, feel free to contact us.

You can also create your own custom itinerary for this trek or any other trek and tour in Nepal.

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