Everest Base Camp Weather

Well, if you are here, you are probably hoping to trek the Everest Base Camp.

And, this is probably your first attempt.

We could be wrong. But if you are looking up for Everest Base Camp weather then you should know, different seasons give you different experience at EBC.

Now the question is, what kind of weather do you enjoy the most?

Indeed, EBC is a precious trekking trail in Nepal. A popular one too. Thousands of trekkers are recorded every year. If you wish to witness the highest peak of the world, this trek will make your wish come true. You can see the glory of this tall mountain, nearest, from here.The altitude of the Everest Base Camp is at 5364 m and you can reach the highest elevation at 5,643 m in Kala Patthar.

Your trekking journey begins in a flight from Kathmandu to Lukla, an extraordinary adventurous mountain flight. The Everest Base Camp trekking really is one of the most adventurous treks in the Sagarmatha National Park also known as Everest Region or Khumbu Region. You will then start your trek on foot from Lukla following the Dudh Koshi River valley. There are several trekking routes that take you to Everest Base Camp from Lukla. Do visit our website for the various packages that suit best for you.

There are many trekking destinations in Nepal and no matter where you trek you should research for the basic information about the weather in that area. That way you can prepare yourself best in any type of situation and pack your backpack and clothing according to the weather condition of that area.

at higher altitude, especially in the mountains, the weather condition is really unpredictable. Once it’s sunny and the next thing you know, you are running to a shelter; snowfall or blizzards. The weather drastically changes in the higher altitudes.

In Nepal, there are 4 seasons. Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter season.The month March to May is spring, June to August is Summer, September to November is Autumn and December to February is winter. The Everest Base Camp weather differs in every season.

Snow-capped mountain region is usually never hot, not even in summer. During the day the temperature reaches up to 25 degrees Celsius, maximum and at the night time it may lower down to – 20-degree centigrade or lower on the same day.

It is a dry region with very minimum rainfall, only about 18 inches rainfall is received at the base camp even in rainy season.

The best season to trek Everest Base Camp is considered in autumn and spring seasons. The ideal weather with an amazing view of the mountains in this time of the year makes these two seasons the best. October is considered as the best month to trek.

Since the unpredictable weather up in the Everest region, you should always prepare best stay up to date with the weather updates through various sources. You can read it in the news or research it over the internet. Do research more and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries or want any information.

Interesting facts on Everest Base Camp

  • Everest Base Camp (5,545 m) is in the lap of world highest mountain, Mount Everest (8,848 m) also known as Sagarmatha in Nepali and Chomolungma in Tibetan
  • Everest Base Camp is on the list of UNESCO world heritage sites.
  • Namche Bazaar (3,450 m), gateway to Mount Everest, is also called the capital of the Sherpa people which is a trade center or a marketplace located at the highest altitude in the world.
  • Everest Base Camp has numerous trekking routes, each route is equally adventurous that showcases the cultural and traditional diversity of the local people there.
  • Weather changes drastically up in the mountains. Best season for trekking in EBC is in autumn (October to December) and spring season (March to May), October is the best month.

Everest Base Camp Weather and Seasons

Each season is different and has unique features varying the challenges that you will face in each. We have tried to sort out the weather condition and climate according to four major seasons. You can trek in any season with proper preparation. The seasons below are categorized in accord with the weather at Everest Base Camp. This is to is act as a measuring rod to suit the best trekking season for you.

Spring at Everest Base Camp

Everest region is calm during Spring. This is the best time to trek Everest Base Camp routes. The months of March, April and May is spring in Nepal.
You will find a lot of trekkers from different countries on the trails to Everest Base Camp. The trial is overcrowded but you can get a chance to meet many other Everest climbers during this season. Due to the huge number of trekkers and EBC climbers, base camp will definitely be crowded with a lot of tents.
Spring is the season of blossoms, you can enjoy different species of flowers along the trail in the lower altitudes. Blooming rhododendron flower will give you a pleasant feeling and add-in to the ambiance of the trail.
Since this season is favorable for the biodiversity, take your time to enjoy the varying species of animals and birds along the way.
The sky will be clear in this season. The average temperature is 17 degrees C in during the day (i.e. above 4,000 m). At higher altitudes, the temperature reaches up to a maximum of 25 degrees C during sunny days and the temperature lowers up to -15 degrees C  in the morning and at night.

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Summer at Everest Base Camp

From June to August, it is summer in Nepal. Due to the monsoon, trekking trails in the Everest region is going to be wet. This season is considered to be less favorable time to trek the Mount Everest Base Camp because of the high possibility of frequent downpour and cloudy weather. And, the weather up in the Himalayas is unpredictable.

There could be the possibility of landslides in lower hilly region and avalanche in the higher mountain region. But if you are an aspiring botanist, this might be the best time to study the flora and fauna of the region.

Most of the tea houses in the Everest Base Camp trek route will be closed in this season. However, there are fewer trekkers on the way and the trails will be almost empty at this time.

You can hike in summer for an adventurous adventure.

Autumn at Everest Base Camp

Autumn is the perfect and the most popular time for trekkers to trek the Everest Base Camp trek route. September to November is autumn in Nepal. At this time the weather will be most stable and clear.

The sky is clear during autumn, this gives you a great view of the mountains. You get to enjoy the spectacular views of the landscapes from Everest Base Camp trails.
Although the weather will usually be clear, the temperature in autumn is not the warmest. But it is not super-cold too. It is a comfortable time for trekking. Obviously, the temperature at higher altitude is lower than at the lower altitude.
As this period is favorable for trekking in this region, you will have to deal with quite a fair amount of trekker traffic. This a good time to consider the option of one of the lesser known routes that will get you off the beaten track and away from the crowds. Also, pre-booking is absolutely necessary. Although it is usually clear you should be prepared with suitable gear for any type of weather because the weather up in the mountains can be a bit unpredictable.
A lot of waterfalls on the trial in the lower region will still be alive.

Winter at Everest Base Camp

It is freezing from November in the northern hemisphere of Nepal. Although the weather is very cold, you can still trek at the Everest Base Camp. The weather will be stable and dry in winter. if you are geared up then you will have a pretty awesome experience of the winter.
The temperature at night at the Everest Base Camp will be around -20 to -30 degrees Celsius. But the temperature at the valley will be moderate, there will be no problem if you choose to stay in tents at the Base Camp. The days are a lot shorter and the nights are a lot colder compared to the days.
The crowd and traffic are definitely low in this region because it is offseason. Most of the lodges and tea houses will be vacant during this freezing weather. You get to enjoy the discounts and the hospitality. There are several trekking routes to reach Everest Base Camp from Lukla. The trekking trail that goes over the high passes such as Gokyo trail and Mera peak trek will be closed in winter.
In winter the Everest Region will stay dry and clear except the morning mist and sometimes snowfall. Almost all the places encircling the peak will be covered with thicky layered snow deposit during the winter. On a clear day, you can get a spectacular view of mountains.
It is certainly an adventurous trekking season with a lot of snow and the chill.

Some Extra Tips to trek Everest Base Camp

  • February through May and September through October is the best season for Everest Base Camp Trek. Choosing this time of the year is to be on the safer side, especially if you are a first- timer. The weather in these months will be stable and pleasant. However, as it is a regular season, the trekking trail and the route will have a lot of traffic. Even though the weather will be peaceful at this time of the year, do gear up for emergency weather condition like the storm or the rain.
  • Less favorable month for trekking in Everest Base Camp trek is the monsoon months, June through August. It is not impossible but definitely a challenge. You can expect the trekking trails to be wet and muddy and the sky to be cloudy. With proper rain gears, rain boots, backpack cover and other gears trekking in summer can be pretty fun and an experience.
  • If you want to avoid the crowd along your trail to the Everest Base Camp, prepare yourself with some proper cold-weather gadgets. The winter trekking over the Himalayas is one of the best adventures. If you do not hate the cold weather, believe me, it has a lot of other perks that you can relish.
  • No matter what season you will be trekking you should maintain your health and hygiene while hiking. You should keep yourself hydrated in order to feel energetic and to keep altitude sickness at bay. Indulging in small snacks like chocolates, protein bars, nuts etc will recharge the calories you burn throughout the day.
  • You can hire a porter to lessen your burden and enjoy the journey a bit more.

Final Say,

Better safe than sorry, so rather than looking out for the best weather, it is best if you research a bit about what kind of weather you are comfortable in. Because if you are a winter person and you end up choosing the warmer months just because it is favorable, you will certainly hate it.

The Everest Base Camp is there and will give you the best in every season and indeed the experience in every season varies. Also, because you will need to check in with your schedule, it is best if you interact with our correspondents before you plan your trip.

For all the time, money and energy spent, we want you to have the best experience. Interacting with us and letting us know your dates and the issues that you are worried about will definitely help us in making it so.

Yes, initially your main concern should be choosing the right season to trek the Everest Base Camp but it shouldn’t be it. Work on yourself, get proper training, learn about the food culture and pre-book your trips.  You can never expect a perfect weather up in the mountains. Be sure to prepare well and carry everything you need in accord to the season you plan to trek.

If you have any confusion or queries regarding the weather on Everest Base Camp or if you wish to book any trekking packages, you can contact us anytime. See you soon.

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