Female Trekking Guide in Nepal

Female Trekking Guide in Nepal

Nepal is one prime destination for the trekking for both male and female travellers. Mountains do not see the gender, guides can either male trekking guide or female trekking guide, they need to be familiar with the mountains.

Trekking in Nepal is one of the most exciting adventures trips. It offers varieties of options like beautiful mountains, ancient monuments, diversified cultures, and different beautiful heritage sites. All these things attract number of female adventure lovers.

Since, there is increasing numbers of female travellers for trekking in Nepal; the demand for the female guide is also increasing in same ratio. But in comparison to the male trekking guides, number of female trekking guide is nearly negligible.

Female trekking guides will be a perfect companion for the female travellers as they can share common feelings and better understand each other throughout the journey.

Before 1990’s, foreign travellers always depend on male guides and porters to organize and lead their trekking expeditions. However, in the early 1990’s, the first Nepali female guides began to appear as they lead trips for one day to forty days for foreign travellers.

The concept of the female trekking guide emerged as the gender equality step forward.  Different travel, tours and trekking company have started the culture of female trekking guide in Nepal.

Many of the female travellers want to do solo trek but the solo trek is not recommended. As a solo female traveller or group of female travellers in Nepal, choosing the right trekking guide plays a very significant role before starting your trekking expedition.

Female trekking guides can lead the female trekkers in Nepal as it is believed that feeling of women is better understood by women than men. Female guide are physically fit as male guides. They are well trained, government license holder, experienced, fluent English and local language speaking. They are also familiar with the geographical regions, different wild species and diverse culture.

The development of Nepalese tourism sector plays a vital role in the overall development of the economy of the country. Likewise, there is a need of empowering women in the trekking tourism field by adopting the female trekking guide as a good profession.

In the male dominated society, women entrepreneurship is not seen much in comparison to men. Specially, most of the women in the rural areas are involved into household activities. In the tourism sector, specifically in trekking field, women are taking one step forward by adopting trekking guide as a profession.

If you choose female trekking guide while trekking in Nepal create the employment opportunities and make women financially independence, self sustain and build self confidence as well. The main objective of the female trekking guide services is empowering the women by creating independent working environment for the women.

Reasons to Hire the Female Trekking Guide in Nepal

Female travellers are highly encouraged to hire female trekking guide in Nepal for following reasons:


Female guides are ready to do for any trekking corner of Nepal as per your requirement. Female guides are young and energetic. Female trekking guide have been part of all major trekking part of Nepal. All female guides are experienced and most of them have been working as a guide for many years.

Well Trained

Female guides are well trained, highly educated and government registered tour guide license holder. Most of the female guides are fluent in English which will assure you that language will not become barrier while travelling.


Female guides of Nepal are well informed about the geography, history, diverse culture and traditions, festivals and different wild species of Nepal. Broad knowledge of female guide definitely helps you to know every aspect of Nepal. All female guides keep good coordination with you and give full information during the whole period of your trekking expeditions.


Guides are those who give you company throughout your journey. All the members of the female guide teams are very helpful and always smiling and ready to help you always.

Many female travellers demand female guide for their comfort, to avoid sexual harassment and better understand their problems during the trek. The practice of the female trekking guide is beneficial to both the female trekkers as well as female trekking guide.

Some of the important tips for female solo travellers:

  • If you are travelling alone, then you always need to carry the embassy contact number. You should leave your information like your numbers or your friends and family’s numbers.
  • You should always keep your I.D or passport with you all the times. Many places like guesthouse required to take the copies of passport so you can make photocopies of your passport in advances.
  • While travelling in the new place you should not show off your valuables stuffs such as phone, and expensive jewellery in the public places.
  • Before going in the new place you should do lot of research about the appropriate clothing. Sometimes if you don’t dress appropriately, you might get in trouble as it may not suitable for certain cultures and locations. So, it’s better to dress like local.
  • When you travel solo you should always be aware of your surround at all the times. When you are in public places, you need to keep your bag in front of your body so that no one can rob your stuffs.
  • If you are thinking to go for trekking at the remote areas then you should need the special permits.

Manaslu Circuit Trekking: Manaslu Special Permit, ACAP and MCAP

Tsum Valley Trekking: Tsum valley Special Permit and MCAP

Tsum valley and Manaslu trekking: Tsum valley Special Permit, Manaslu Special Permit, MCAP, ACAP

Upper Dolpo Trekking: Upper Dolpo Special Permit and Shey Phoksundo National Park Fee.

Lower Dolpo Trekking: Lower Dolpo Special Permit and National Park Fee.

Mustang Trekking: Upper Mustang Special Permit and ACAP.

Nar Phu Valley Trekking: Nar Phu Special Permit and ACAP

You can arrange these special permits through local travel agency.

Note:  If you want to hire female trekking guide for Annapurna region, Langtang region and Everest region cost will be as following:

Female Trekking Guide in Nepal daily wages = USD 20- USD 40

Female Guide/Porter daily wages = USD 15- USD 30

Female Porter daily wages = USD 12- USD 25

Price will include their wages, meals, accommodations, insurances and equipments


Nepal tourism sector is empowering female tour and trekking guides. Empowering Women of Nepal (EWN) organized different Female Trekking Guide Program during the trekking off-season.

Women from the rural areas like Karnali Region, Everest and Langtang Region are highly encouraged for the training. Training emphasizes on the topics including First Aid (Women’s Health Issues), leadership, women’s rights, trekking information, history, geography and culture.

Female trekking guide in Nepal concept arises with the fact that female trekkers feel comfortable with female guide. You can enjoy more while exploring trekking expedition together. Travelling with the female guide can add one advantage for female travellers. You can get the depth knowledge about Nepali culture and traditions from the women’s point of view.

Trekking in Nepal with high capable female trekking guides will give you opportunity to explore the nature and culture of this country. You can share your every problem that you are facing while you are travelling. Female trekking guides will cooperate with you to solve your all difficulties that you face while travelling.

Female trekking guide in Nepal is the best options for female travellers. if you are planning to travel in Nepal for trekking purpose you can hire female trekking guide. Hiring the female trekking guide means you are giving the value to the Nepali women who want to do something for their family.

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