How to Book Bhutan Tour

How to Book Bhutan Tour

Bhutan prohibits independent travel due to strict regulations on tourism. According to the immigration law of Bhutan, every traveler planning for the Bhutan tour must come booked with a licensed tour operator.

So, how to book Bhutan tour for your next vacation?

You can trust us to book the Bhutan tour. We have been planning several tours for Bhutan with our experienced guides. According to your preferences, we design and customize the Bhutan tour itineraries to ensure best memories in Bhutan.

To book the Bhutan tour with us, you need to go through some procedures. They are

Step One: Choose a Pre-Designed Tour Itinerary

We have different types of tour itineraries for your memorable tour in Bhutan. You can either choose any tour duration and activities you want to indulge in.

Some of the most popular Bhutan tours that we offer are:

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3 Day Bhutan Tour

This is a short yet amazing tour to Bhutan. It gives you a cultural insight of Bhutanese people. You will discover ancient monasteries, unique architecture. You will also get views of impressive high hill valley and Himalaya landscapes of Thimphu and Paro of Bhutan.

Paro Tsechu Bhutan Tour

It is a short festival tour to Paro in Bhutan.

The tour is centers around the Paro Tsechu or Paro Buddhist religious festival.

You can enjoy masked dances performed by trained monks and laymen wearing colorful costumes.

You will also do a sightseeing tour in Paro valley and Thimphu after enjoying the festival.

Druk Path Trekking

This trek is one of the shortest, accessible and easy one compared to other treks of Bhutan.

This 7-day trek offers you beautiful scenery of villages, snow-clad mountain peaks, and beautiful lakes. It also offers you a glimpse of the local culture.

You will stay at local villages and get chances to interact with local villages. You will also visit Phajoding and Taktsang monastery. You will also see Dzongs (fortresses) in this trek.

Snowman Trek

This is one of the most challenging yet most beautiful treks of the whole Himalayas. It takes you through the remote and rarely visited region of Eastern Bhutan.

You cover the distance of 357 kilometers (220 miles), cross eight high passes. Several of the passes are over 5,000 meters (16,400 feet) on this trek. On most nights, you stay in places with an average altitude of 4,000 meters (13,000 feet).

You trek through rugged mountains with snow-clad peaks, steep slopes, narrow gorges, and flat narrow valley.

You will pass through dense forests. You may catch glimpses or see animals and birds. Some of them can include Blue sheep, Takin, Himalayan black bear & cubs, blood pheasant and birds of prey.

On this trek, you will see Bhutan’s spectacular mountains. One such mountain you can see is Mt. Gangkhar Puensum. Gangkhar Puensum is the highest unclimbed mountain in the world.

Other popular, shorter treks are a part of this trek. Some of these include Chomolhari Trek, Laya and Lunana Trek, Lunana and Nikachhu Trek.

Below are some popular activities you can do during your Bhutan Tour

Bhutan Thimphu Festival Trek

This trek allows you to explore the major festival of Bhutan. This tour offers

  • Experience of one of the major festivals of Bhutan and
  • Trekking in the beautiful land of Bhutan

Bhutan Cultural Tour

The tour focuses on giving you an understanding of Bhutan’s rich culture and traditions. It also does it in the limited time frame. This tour includes visits to dzongs, stupas, museums, handicraft markets.

All these aims at giving you an insight into the rich culture and life of Bhutanese people. The marvelous arts and crafts, history, Buddhist religion reflect them.

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Step two: The Official Detail and Planning

Once you choose the best itinerary to suit your preference, you need to go forward for the official planning. For this, you need to provide us a few details through email or call.

You need to provide details on:

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Date of Travel (your Bhutan Tour date):

Bhutan has peaked and off-peak seasons for tourist.

Peak Season

The local Autumn and spring seasons are peak seasons for traveling to Bhutan. If you plan to do your Bhutan tour during these months, you should book everything in advance.

This can be anywhere between 6-9 months before the actual tour. This ensures you get your preferred flights, flight seats, accommodation and so on.

Off-Peak Season

The local summer and winter season are an off-peak season. For an off-peak season, you should book at least a few weeks before your date of travel. The cost of MDP (Minimum Daily Package rate) is also lower during these seasons.

How Long You Want to Tour in Bhutan?

The number of days helps determine the cost and things you can fit in the itinerary. On itineraries longer than 8 days, there are some discounts applicable.

Group Size (Number of people traveling or touring together)

The group size helps to determine the cost of your travel.

  • Solo or duo (2 ) has supplementary costs.
  • Group sizes of above 8 have discounts.
  • Kids below the age of 5 also have discounts.

Hence, if you travel in a larger size, you get a better deal for your tour.

Passport Copy (email or sent us a copy of the Passport)

You need to send this to apply for Bhutan visa and any permits needed during your tour to Bhutan. The information in the Passport also helps in booking flights, accommodation in Bhutan.

Step Three: All Set to Travel

Flight Booking

  • After you fix your tour duration and preferred dates for travel, tell us from where you would like to fly in-out of Bhutan. With these details, we will book the most convenient flight for you.

Bhutan has only one international airport- Paro Airport. It has 2 national carriers- Drukair and Bhutan Airlines.

The Druk Air and Bhutan Airlines schedules change by season. There are several flights per week from several Asian cities.

Some of the common flights are Kathmandu, New Delhi, Singapore, and Bangkok.

There are also less common flights from Kolkata or Bagdogra, Guwahati, and Ahmedabad.

During the peak month of October and April, there are extra flights.

Each of these flights from different Asian city has its own perks.

Step Four: Hotel Booking (Accommodation, Meals, and Drinks)

Hotel Booking

  • After the flight tickets, tell us your preferences on where you would like to stay while in Bhutan.
  • You have different options of 3-star stay, homestay. 4 star and 5-star stays are also possible with supplement cost.
  • After this, your hotel confirmations take place for your stay in Bhutan.

Your accommodations and meals in Bhutan are part of your tour package. The Minimum Daily Fee (MDP) includes accommodation and meals of the day as well.

The standard accommodation included in the MDP is a three-star hotel or guesthouse. You can upgrade this if you wish to whatever grade you like. This can be 4-star to 5-star hotels. This can also be deluxe boutiques, and resorts or deluxe camping facilities.

With your upgrade, your Daily Fee will go above the minimum and the tour will cost you a lot more.

The same condition applies to your meals. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner is part of the MDP.

But, the cost covers meals in the hotel (that you stay at) itself.

Anywhere else you want to eat may cost you a little more. This is not included in the MDP.

Meals will generally be buffet style. Lunches and dinners will generally include a selection of western, Chinese or Indian style dishes.

These can also include some local specialties on occasion. Meals and drinks also do not include bottled and alcoholic drinks. You will need to pay for these if you indulge in them.

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Step Five: Tour Payment

  • Kindly transfer your tour payment (You need to make an advance payment to confirm the trip. After this, you will receive an e-copy of your flight tickets, Bhutanese Visa and tour confirmation)
  • You will receive your flight tickets and your Bhutanese Visa

For tours to Bhutan, you need to pay the full amount of your itinerary in advance. This is a Government rule.

The money for the tour can be only transferred to the Government of Bhutan. After this, the Government will approve your VISA.

A Customized Itinerary

If you are not interested in pre-planned packages, you can personalize your Bhutan tour as per your preferences. This is especially to suit your schedule, budget or preference.

To customize the itinerary tell us

  • What do you want from your visit to Bhutan?
  • What are the places that you want to visit or things you want to do in Bhutan?
  • What are your personal goals of the trip or the duration of the trip? You should also decide places of interest and the highlights you want to experience.

We will then

  • Discuss your ideas and create a general plan.
  • Discuss the physical and logistical requirements of your trip. We include discussion of your abilities and preparations.

Please contact us for any further help. We will be more than happy to give you detailed information.

What are the Ideal Seasons to visit Bhutan?

Bhutan is a popular destination for tourists throughout the year. Yet, it has high and low seasons for tourism. Before you book the Bhutan tour, you should get the detail on the weather and temperature of the place. And, start planning accordingly.


September-November is autumn in Bhutan. The weather conditions and temperatures are mild and have less rain. These months are also popular festival months.

These months are great for all kinds of tours and treks to Bhutan. This is also the busiest season for tourism in Bhutan.


March-May, the 2nd most busy season is the spring season.

This season is popular for its beautiful and colorful blossoms of local flowers. Spring is also popular for lush green forests, fields, and landscapes. The pleasant temperatures add to the beauty of tours and treks to Bhutan in spring.


June- August is the local Summer season in Bhutan. Bhutan experiences a wet summer. Trekking in muddy and waterlogged trails are not ideal.

Yet adventure lovers and people on a tight budget can enjoy the less crowded tourist spots and treks. You can also catch rainbows amidst the mountains and the beautiful landscape.


December to February, the local winter season is another low season. It is the coldest time of the year in Bhutan. In the mountains, the temperatures drop down below freezing levels.

Yet for those who don’t mind the cold, winter has its perks. You can enjoy clear skies, views of snow-capped mountains and spectacular landscape. The days in the lower regions are pleasant and sunny. The mornings and nights can be a little cold.

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Final Say,

Bhutan is a wonderful destination for tours, treks and more. Along with its unique culture and unusual landscapes, it has a wide variety of activities on offer.

Booking your Bhutan Tour can be overwhelming in the beginning. Allow us to do this for you, we will make sure you get access to all the updated information. And we will walk you through the entire process.

For any further queries or questions to your tours and treks to Bhutan, feel free to contact us.

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