How to Train for Everest Base Camp Trek

How to Train for Everest Base Camp Trek

If you are thinking to go Everest Base Camp Trek (EBC Trek), then you will definitely need to know significant things about it. As EBC Trek is one of the most challenging treks in the world, you should know about the difficulties to take proper precautions in proper time. One of them is it fitness and training.

It is not a technical trek as one would think. But physical as well as mental fitness is required for obstacle-free journey throughout.

In this trek, the altitude rises from 3000m to 5500m. It’s a big elevation which makes the journey of 65 km(130 km around) tiring.

Thus, physical fitness is much necessary for which training is strictly recommendable.
Here, I provide you some suggestions regarding training for the trek:

1. Physical Training for Everest Base Camp Trek

As we have already mentioned, this trek is at the measurable altitude which includes a lot of ups and downs. This is an exhausting job. Without the experience of up-hill trekking and often hiking, the fitness could not be maintained.

Some tips regarding the physical training can be as follows:

  • Go to the small trekking frequently with backpacks on.
  • Great aerobic exercises like swimming, long distance walking, jogging & cycling will certainly boost your current level of fitness.
  • Strengthen training focusing your leg muscles can be done by squats, lunges, front & reverse leg curls, step aerobics etc.

To strengthen the muscles of upper body and core; exercises like shoulder presses, sit-ups, back & shoulder flyes, kettlebell rows/swings etc are recommendable. These types of exercise also will maintain cardiovascular level during the trek.

If you start these type of training about 4-5 months before your trekking, then you will have no physical problem for that altitude. Thus, if we have planned of EBC Trek start these workouts today.

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2. Mental preparation for Everest Base Camp Trek

Often neglected, but important is the mental preparation. You have to be mentally prepared as you are going to one of the toughest treks where there are no comfort facilities. You need to prepare yourself for the life of mountain.

You need to face harsh things that include camping, bugs, dirt, baby wipes shower and even toilet outdoors.

All the accommodation during the trek is in tea houses which are run by local Sherpas. You will have a bed to sleep in (might not be so comfortable) in a twin-shared room. Also, there are completely no showers when you reach higher trails. Also, be ready for every outdoors that might come on your way when tea houses are not nearby. You need to know about these things and be prepared so that you don’t expect much and get disappointed.

3. Getting the right gears for Everest Base Camp Trek

Before trekking to such altitudes, you need to get your mind to the right gears. Also, you need to pack your bags wisely.

Your packing list may include boots, weight-vest, hydration pack, elevation training mask, down or fleece jacket, rain gears etc.

While choosing these things you need to be aware of their quality. Your comfortability must be the first priority. Avoid unnecessary things pack your bags carefully.

The best thing is you can get these gears easily in the market of Kathmandu.

Talking about the packing you need to also include miscellaneous but important things like medical kit, sleeping bags, camera and best camera backpack, sunscreen, sunhats, power banks, cameras etc.

EBC Trek is an exciting plan for your holidays but definitely it is not an easy one. The combination of cardiovascular endurance, strength training and hiking are all what is required.

If you have planned to trek to world’s highest base camp you need to prepare you physical as well as mental body from today.

Hope above information regarding EBC Trek training has had given you some idea.

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