Kathmandu to Tibet Tour

Kathmandu to Tibet Tour

A tour from Kathmandu to Tibet gives you a unique experience. Indulge in the beautiful landscapes of Tibet and Nepal and witness the rich and diverse culture of its people.

This magnificent tour takes you to two Himalayan countries. Both these countries are quite popular for their rich and diverse landscapes, culture, and lifestyle.

You can choose your own itinerary and duration or modify one of the popular packages to suit your needs for this tour.

There are quite a few choices that you can select from. You can also choose from the different medium of transportation as well. This variation in means of transportation makes traveling a lot more scheduled and easy.

Kathmandu to Tibet Tour: Popular Packages

Some of the popular packages of Kathmandu to Tibet overland tours are:

Via Land

Kathmandu to Tibet overland tour via Everest Base Camp


Kathmandu to Tibet overland tour without EBC

This route follows

Kathmandu-Gyirong -Old Tingri-Shigatse-Gyantse-Lhasa-Kathmandu

Kathmandu to Tibet Overland Tour via Lhasa to Nepal Friendship Highway

This route follows

Kathmandu-Kerung-Tingri/ Lhatse- Shigatse(Xigatse)- Lhasa-Kathmandu

An outline of an itinerary of the Tibet overland tour looks as follows.

Kathmandu to Tibet Tour via Lhasa to Nepal Friendship Highway Tour

Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu

Day 02: Apply for Tibet Visa Permit

Day 03: Full day guided sightseeing around Kathmandu city

Day 04: Nagarkot & Full day guided sightseeing around ancient Bhaktapur city to Patan

Day 05: Kathmandu-Kerung Border ( Distance: 145 km)

Day 06: Kerung-Tingri (4300m)/Lhatse (4350m): Distance: 225 km/ 244 km

Day 07: Tingri/Lhaste-Xigatse (Shigatse) (3900m): Distance: 244 km

Day 08: Xigatse-Gyantse (3950m): Distance: 90km

Day 09: Gyantse-Lhasa (3650m): Distance: 261 km

Day 10 and 11: Sightseeing in Lhasa

Day 12: Lhasa-Kathmandu.

Day 13: Transfer to airport for International Airport

Via Air


Here are some tours that you can take in Lhasa

An outline of an itinerary of the tour via air looks as follows.

Day 01- Kathmandu to Lhasa by flight

Day 02 and 03: Lhasa sightseeing tour

Day 04: Lhasa to Kathmandu by flight

Via Bike

Bike tour packages are also quite popular.

You can take the 21-day Lhasa to Kathmandu Tour. This 1100 km bike tour from Lhasa to Kathmandu is the world’s most popular and adventurous bicycle journey. You pass through 6 high passes over 5000m.

This is one of the world’s longest and deepest bike descent. It provides you with glimpses of ancient Tibetan culture and lifestyle along with the beautiful region of Bhote Koshi in Nepal.

An outline itinerary of the Bike tour looks as follows.

Day 01: Arrive Kathmandu. Drive to Lhasa by tourist bus or private car or fly to Tibet.

Day 02 and 03: Sightseeing day in Lhasa

Day04: Start of bike journey. Start bike paddle from Lhasa to Khampa-la Pass.

Day05: Bike paddle from Khampa-la Pass to Nagartse.

Day06: Nagartse to Simi-la Pass

Day07: Simi-la Pass to Gyantse

Day08: Cycling from Gyantse to Shigatse.

Day09: Rest day in Shigatse (Xigatse).

Day10: Continue bike ride from Shigatse to Tso-la Pass.

Day 11: Cycling from Tso-la Pass to Gyamtso-la Pass.

Day 12: Cycling from Gyatso-la Pass to Shergar.

Day 13: Cycling from Shegar to Choesang.

Day 14: Cycling from Choesang to Rongbuk.

Day 15: Rest or Exploration day at Rongbuk

Day 16: Cycling from Rongbuk to Tingri.

Day 17: Continue cycling from Tingri to Lalung-la Pass.

Day 18: Cycling from Lalung-la Pass to Nyalam.

Day19: Cycling from Nyalam to Bhote Koshi River.

Day 20: Cycling on the road along the bank of the river from Bhote Koshi River-Kathmandu. We reach Kathmandu today.

Day 21: See-off at the airport.

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Best Time for Kathmandu To Tibet Tour

September, October, and November: These autumn months are the favorite months to do tours and treks in Nepal and Tibet.

April and May are perfect spring months with cool temperatures suitable for sightseeing tours.

June, July and August are summer months. These bring clouds and some rain in Nepal and Tibet. This reduces the chances of clear skies and has less visibility. The cool temperatures are perfect for sightseeing and the amazing visibility offers the views at their best.

December: From December, the temperature starts to drop. Yet this month brings clear skies making for majestic views.

January and February can be quite cold across Tibet and Nepal. Yet the skies are generally clear and give you amazing views of the magnificent landscapes.

If you dress for the weather, then these months can be a great time to do this tour. You also can enjoy the occasional snowfall in some places.

NOTE: Tibet remains closed to the outsiders from mid or late February through the beginning of April each year. Hence, this tour is not possible during these weeks.

Visa and Permits


Visas for Tibet will be easily arranged in Kathmandu. The Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu does not issue visas to individual travelers.

You must book a tour, then get Tibet Entry Permit and visa invitation letter from Tibet Tourism Bureau. After this, you hand in the documents to the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu for a group tourist visa.

After this, you will get only a paper group visas (not a stamp in your passport). Allow us to do this for you.

The prices are as follows.

  • USA citizens: US$ 177 per person
  • Canadian citizens: US$ 135 per person
  • O.W (Rest of the World): US$ 85 per person for a group visa.

Note: It takes 3-4 working days to process your Tibet group Visa from Kathmandu. Faster service is available at a premium. You need to submit your actual passport to apply for the visa. This tourist visa is valid up to 30 days.

Arranging Visas from your Home Country

For groups:

Only paper group visas with a list of names with two copies one for entry and other for the exit.

For individuals:

You get visas on your passport after much formalities and extra fees as per your nationality


Tourist visas are available on arrival at the international airport in Kathmandu. It is also available at all land border crossings open to foreigners. You get visas on the basis of your tour duration. According to it, the cost varies. It is as follows:

  • 15 days: US$ 25
  • 30 days: US$ 40
  • 90 days: US$ 100.

Note: For land crossing, you need to submit a photocopy of your passport.


The choice of accommodation is quite wide in the cities of Tibet and Nepal. There are a number of places that you can choose to stay in comfort in Kathmandu, Pokhara, Shigatse, and Lhasa.

So depending on your preference you can choose basic hotels, 3-5 star hotels, and resorts.

In other places besides these, the accommodation choices are basic. On many Nepal Tibet tours, you will stay in 3-star hotels on a sharing basis.

Meals and Drinks

Like accommodation, your choices for meals and drinks are quite wide in the cities. You can enjoy cuisines of various nationalities including local cuisines.

Besides the cities, the choices for meals and drinks also narrow down. This will include some variations of the local dishes, tea, coffee, soft drinks, and bottled water.

Physical Condition & Experience Requirements

During your Kathmandu to Lhasa Tour, you will be travelling in the vehicle for 5-6 hours per day. This tours doesn’t involve much walking. Yet, most of the tours take place at a high altitude.

The high altitude can take a physical toll on you.

Everyone reacts differently to high altitudes. Hence, preparing in advance for the changes in altitude is a great safety measure. Especially for those who have little to no experience at high altitude.

The Currency

For Nepal Tibet Overland Tours, you will need to change your local currency twice. Tibet and Nepal have their own official currency. For Tibet, it is the Renminbi Yuan and for Nepal, it is the Nepali Rupee.

Make sure to exchange only a small amount in the airport and hotels. These give lower exchange rates than most money exchange counter/stores in the cities of Tibet and Nepal.

Kathmandu to Tibet Tour Costs

The average cost of a 13-day Kathmandu to Tibet Tour by road can begin from US$ 1,500 per person to US$ 2650 and more.

The average cost of a 4-day Kathmandu to Tibet Tour by air can range from US$ 450- US$ 600 and more.

This wide variation in the cost of the tour is due to the inclusion and exclusion of factors such as:

  • Airport / Hotel pick up & transfer by car / Van.
  • Type of Accommodation (3-star to 5-star hotels)
  • Entry permits (for all the places you visit during the tour)
  • Tibet Visa and Entry Permit
  • Nepal Visa
  • A local English speaking guide
  • Meals (Breakfast, lunch, and dinner)
  • Mode of transportation used from Kathmandu to Lhasa.
  • Transportation within the country: Nepal, Tibet
  • Emergency Evacuation (Helicopter Rescue).

Some Side Trip to Include

In Tibet

Mt. Kailash and Mansarovar: This spiritual destination is a place of significant importance to the Buddhists and Hindus alike.

Apart from this, it offers a diverse nature and magnificent views of the surrounding mountains and lake. You can include this in your tour by road or by air.

The most popular one is Kailash Mansarovar with Everest Base Camp along with Mt. Kailash Heli Tour.

Route: Kathmandu-Gyirong -Saga-Manasarovar Lake-Mt. Kailash-Saga-Shigatse-Lhasa

In Nepal

Sightseeing tours in Pokhara, Kathmandu. Adventure sports of rafting, mountain bikes, rock climbing in Nepal along with Jungle safaris.

Some Extra Tips


  • Regardless of the season you travel in, make sure to carry a warm, thick insulating jacket. It is cold in the early morning and evening in Tibet throughout the year.
  • During summer and winter, your flights to and from Kathmandu-Tibet can have delays due to weather conditions. So, have a day or two extra for this.
  • If you don’t have a group, let your tour operator know in advance. This way, they can help you join a group.
  • The customs in Tibet doesn’t allow any pictures, recordings or photos of exiled high lamas including H.H. the Dalai Lama. Make sure you don’t have them in your luggage.
  • Do not bring flags of Tibet with you. It is not a good idea since it is not allowed by the Republic of China.
  • The overland tours are a budget-friendly and adventurous way of exploring and enjoying Kathmandu and Tibet. However, the airway is more convenient and short.
  • Try including Everest Base Camp your tour if you have never been to the Himalayas. It is a must visit place for almost every traveler and trekker in the world. This is also a more convenient way of witnessing this marvelous beauty of this place.

Final Say,

This tour to two Himalayan nations is on the bucket list of almost every traveler in the world. Through this tour, you have the opportunity of obtaining them in one go.

Make your own customized tour or choose one that is already designed, the one that excites you. We can help you organize one just to suit your schedule. Regardless, you are bound to have a magical experience.

For further queries or questions about Kathmandu to Tibet tour or any tour and treks in Nepal and Tibet, feel free to contact us.

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