Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost

Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost

Nepal is gifted with the heavenly paradise of natural resources. And when it comes to the fact of mountaineering then we all know about 8 mountains are located in Nepal which is above 8000m. And these have created many trekking routes in Nepal which are world famous.

Among them, Manaslu Circuit is another upgrowing trekking routes of Nepal. Rich in scenic beauty and yet many unexplored paths and trails, Manaslu is an 8th highest peak in the world. It is the highest peak in the Gorkha district and is located about 64km (40m) east of Annapurna.

It is also 4th most dangerous 8000m peak full if ethnic and endangered flora and fauna.  It can be the choice of many trekkers, who wish to enjoy the peaceful, less crowded environment with a beautiful mixture of nature, art, and Nepalese-Tibetan culture. Also, it is quite less expensive and more adventurous than other running treks. Best season to visit the region is from March to May in spring and September to December during the winter where these things are in its perfect form.

Before visiting Nepal’s one of the sensational beauty, you must need to know how much pressure it’s going to give to your wallet.

Basically, for this trek, you will need a permit, transportation guide, porter (if necessary), at least a trekking partner and obviously, food and accommodation. So the cost will be for these things and other miscellaneous including transportation. And I would be informing you all about these things serially:


Following are the Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost

1.      Transportation Expenses:

The trek begins from Arughat or Sotikhola. To reach there, you have to go through to the off-beat roads either by taking a local bus (which is mostly packed) or hire a private jeep (which is preferable). The local bus would cost less than USD 15 per person to reach Sotikhola from Kathmandu. Jeeps are pretty costly as compared which costs approx. 175 to 200 USD each way. But the cost can be reduced if you share (approx. $30 per seat for 7 people).

The same applies at the end of the trek from Tal or Besisahar to Kathmandu. But while in between Tal and Besisahar, there are local jeeps which cost a bit less i.e. Rs.2500 (25$) for tourist and Rs.1500(15$) for Nepalese.

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2.      Trekking permits cost:

As the Nepal Government has announced this place as the special region for its preservation, one should know very well about the permits as per rule. This strict rules has been allowed due to the open border with Tibet in this region and to control unnecessary border exit.

Thus, nobody is allowed to no one is allowed to this special region without a special permit issued by Government and should be accompanied by an authorized local Nepali Trekking member.

Talking about of the trekking permits you will need three permits as issued by the Nepal Government which are:

  • Manaslu Restricted Permit
  • Manaslu Conservation Area Permit (MCAP)
  • Annapurna Conservation Area Permit (ACAP)
  • Tsum Valley Restricted Permit (if you wish to go to the Tsum valley)

NOTE: For this trek TIMS (Trekking Information Management System) card is not required as you already have the special trekking permits. But if you wish to have a connecting trip to Annapurna Base Camp or would like to further trek to Jomsom, Muktinath and end up at Pokhara then you will need TIMS card. So as long as u are in Manaslu Region you will not require the card.

At first, let’s talk about Manaslu Restricted Permit which is the special permit issued by Government for this region. The cost of the permit depends on the month and number of days you will be in this region. The cost can be given as:

  • 100 USD per week + 15 USD per extra day thereafter for months from September to November.
  • 75 USD per week + 10 USD per extra day thereafter for rest months.

Average total no. of trekking days is 14. For this, you will likely need the restricted permit for about 8 or 9 days.

If more than 14 days, then there will be 10 days of special permit required.

For MCAP  $30 USD & ACAP $30 USD per person is required.

If you choose TSUM Valley as a side trip for your trek, USD 40 per week per person and after 1 week $7 USD per day for September to November and December to August USD 30 per week per person and after 1 week $7 USD per day per person.

So, as these things are a bit confusing, it is best to consult this with your local travel agency or simply you can contact us.

Due to this special permit, the permit charge is quite high as compared to EBC, ABC but it’s still cheaper than others treks like that of Upper Mustang.

3.      The cost of Guide and Porter:

If you are thinking to go on this trek without a guide, then you are not allowed as in this case also the rule is strict due to the specialty of this region. As the rule insists, at least an authorized person from Nepal Trekking Association is required for the trek.

So, if you hire a professional guide, on average USD 30 to 40 per day is charged which includes the guide’s food, accommodation, and insurance.

But, if you are thinking of taking only the porter not guide then that is possible here. Roughly, the charge is same due to the cost of food and accommodation i.e. $20 to 25 a day.

Thus, to go there you will basically need an authorized guide or porter or both depending on your choice. But, we would strongly recommend you to go with a professional guide due to safety and sophistication reasons.

4.      The cost of accommodation i.e. in tea houses:

Trekking in Manaslu is famous for its natural high Himalayas as well as ethnic local culture, traditional monastery and local people with unique housing. Also, it is good to know that there are tea houses in the region which have begun to spring up. Nowadays, Manaslu Trek is also known as tea- house trek.

So, camping is not required unless you go off the beaten tracks.

The cost for one twin sharing room is roughly USD 6 to USD 10 a night.  If you are renting one room with two twin beds so you could sleep on your own, please be reminded that you must pay for the total cost of the room, meaning the cost for two people.

In case if you wish to modify your trekking as camping trekking, then our organization provides that too. So you can contact or mail us for latest updated info and price for camping trekking.

5.      The cost of food and drinks:

As we all know in Manaslu till date, no good transportation is available, it becomes very difficult to transport goods and food material in this region. All the available supplies are being transported simply by man and mule.

Since there is transportation problem and due to the trend in the increase in price with an increase of altitude, you may have to budget yourself roughly 10 USD per meal i.e. USD 25 to 35 on daily basis.

Obviously, the cost may vary depending on your appetite, no. of meals and your beverages. Here comparatively the cost of breakfast is quite cheaper than that of other trails.

The cost of drinks on this trek is similar to other mountain regions. A cup of tea and coffee costs USD 2- 5 and USD 3 –  7 respectively. Similarly, the cost of beer is USD 8-10 –  whereas a bottle of water/soda will cost you USD 2 – 7.

6.      Other miscellaneous costs:

Miscellaneous cost may include few dollars which can be charged for other things like charging your gadgets (mobile phone, camera etc.), or may be for bucket shower, heated by gas or firewood. As these trails are tourist areas, the cost cannot be expected to be cheap.

So, you need to make your pre-preparations for these things.

Also, to add when you visit monasteries, gumbas or stupas, they might expect a bit donation for the maintenance of the area. And your porter and guide expect tips from you as gratitude. These things depend on your willingness and experience during the trek.


This trek is growing rapidly as an alternative to Annapurna Circuit trekking. So, it is no wonder that hundreds of people from all over the world visit Nepal every trekking season to experience this amazing trip full of adventure and thrills.

Thus, to experience the natural beauty and the unspoiled culture that resembles with Tibetan people, you need to go there and find out the untold story of this unexplored world.

For Manaslu trek, different travel agencies publish their own different cost, which can make you a bit confused. If you go to the international travel agency, then the charge could be more than 2000 USD.

But, our organization has a whole Manaslu package for only 1300 USD -$1500 USD. which includes all the expenses for 14 days Manaslu Circuit  Trek . The group is minimum 2 Pax- 14 Pax.

So, come and trek with Nepal Eco-Adventure (P) Ltd, a well-established trekking company registered to Government of Nepal, under Tourism Ministry. With an ecological way of trekking for more than 15 years, you will enjoy every moment with an unforgettable travel experience.

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