Manaslu Circuit Trek FAQs

Manaslu Circuit Trek FAQs

Nepal has several spectacular trekking destinations that attracts thousands of people from all over the world. Mansalu Circuit trek is one of amazing trekking route Nepal has to offer.

Manaslu Circuit trek is a journey around the eight highest peak in the world. The route will also offer you views of other beautiful mountains. The trail was recently opened for trekking and still remains as a restricted area.

If you are considering to attempt this trek but have  a problem coming into a conclusion, the information provided below should help you make up your mind-

1.     Is it difficult?

If you are not physically fit enough, then this trek should be very difficult for you. Otherwise, it isn’t as difficult as it seems. With plenty of days for acclimatization and short walks you should be able to cope up with the demanding altitude. You also need to be physically fit enough to enjoy this trek because the route has several steep descents and ascents.

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2.     Do I need permission to trek in Manaslu?

Yes! you need a special permission to trek in Manaslu. he route is situated in a remote and restricted area which is protected under the Manaslu Conservation Plan.  The permits and the trekking costs are mentioned below.

  1. RAP $70 first week + $10/d thereafter- The checkpoint in is in Jagat and checkpoint out at Dharapani.
  2. MCAP & ACAP permits Rs. 2000 $20 each- You need both as the check for ACAP at Dharapani. If you don’t have one you will have to pay double. Stupid, but there you go. ACAP and MCAP stand for Annapurna / Manaslu Conservation Area Project.
  3. 4 x PP photos- Get in Kathmandu quite cheaply for 12 or 24. Or send your guide/company a photo of you in daylight against a white wall and they can print.
  4. No TIMS card required
    This odd permit is needed for other areas of Nepal, but not needed if you go to a restricted area.

3.     How much will the trek cost me?

about $20 / person Manaslu Conservation Area Park (MCAP) permit

about  $20 / person Annapurna Conservation Area Park (ACAP) permit

about $70 / group Manaslu Restricted Area permit

The 11 days trek costs about $500 total for each individual. The highest price we were quoted was about $1000. Cheap on this adventure is $40-50 / day. Expensive is over $100 / day. Visa on arrival at Tribhuvan International

Multiple entry     15 days     US$ 25
Multiple entry     30 days     US$ 40
Multiple entry     90 days     US$ 100

4.     What are the required Equipments?

There are a lot of equipments you will require to trek to Manaslu. Also the experience of your trek is largely influenced by the quality of the equipment you carry.  The detail information of the equipment is found in the following link-

You can buy them in your home town or you can purchase them in Nepal. Nepal has many stores that sell trekking gears. You will find many international and local brands. You can also rent them if you want.

5.     Can I trek solo?

Trekking solo in Manaslu is forbidden. You have to trek in a group or with a partner. if you are unable to find a trekking partner, you can find them on following websites-

6.     Do I need a guide or a porter?

To trek in Manaslu, you ought to have a guide. The trails are not well marked. The guide will help you through navigation, during emergencies and for negotiations. The porter will carry your baggage for you. You can enjoy long walks without having to carry heavy burdens.

7.     Which is the Best Season?

Manaslu can be trekked in any season. The best seasons to trek are Autumn that stretches from September to December and Spring that lasts from March to May.  The sky is clear and hence you can enjoy a clear view of the white mountains.

Manaslu can also be trekked during  monsoon for this region sees very little rainfall. The season lasts from June to mid September. The weather is pleasant and warm allowing you to enjoy long walks.


Even though the trek may sound a little strenuous, it is totally worth all the trouble.

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