20 Photos That Will Make You Fall In Love With Manaslu Trek

20 Photos That Will Make You Fall In Love With Manaslu Trek

Manaslu Circuit Trek is synonym to gigantic white mountains, nature, bio-diversity, serene beauty and native culture. Many consider Manaslu Trek as arguably the best general trek in Nepal. The word ‘Manaslu’ means ‘intellect or soul’ and the trek definitely will provide the peace to all the travelers.

Manaslu Trek can be done by anyone with reasonable fitness and thus is getting popular among all the nature loving people. It is now considered a great tea-house trek. So if you love nature and also long for easy and amazing trekking, this is definitely worth your time.

Green water river freshly out of the Mountain's capture

Heading out on his own at Manaslu.

Waterfall out of nowhere

A village within the touching distance of the mountains

A local in a suspension bridge.

Pack of clouds; forest and mountain

Two Nepali Boys in their kitchen at a house en route to Manaslu Circuit Trek Trail

Manaslu Trek Trail at dawn

Taking a breather in a long trek.

In the middle of the Manaslu Trek Trail

A very steep and dangerous climb.

A sight to behold

Rice Field in the hilly area of the manaslu

Sun is gone.

A gloomy whether.

Driving in the river.

Long way to go down.

People going about their daily duties.

Cloud and me in the same level!

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