Mardi Himal Trek Cost

Mardi Himal Trek Cost

The Mardi Himal trek cost is a lot affordable since it opened for trekking in 2012. Since then lot of tea houses have opened up along the way. But is still one of the trails that doesn’t get over crowded. It is also one of the most affordable treks in Nepal.

It follows off-the-beaten trails of shepherds on the lap of mountains. The trails are great for summer grazing for the animals. Hence, it was only used by limited trekking groups with tents and camping team for a long time.

The Mardi Himal trek is a great trek for those who are short on time, budget. It is a short, easy and unspoiled trekking destination.

There are a lot of factors that influences the cost of any trek. The route you plan to take is one of the major aspect. Allow us to break down the cost so that you know what you will be spending on and how you and manage it.

Factors that affect the Mardi Himal Trek Cost


You can follow two different routes for the Mardi Himal Trek. Based on your preference you can choose any of the route.

Route 1

This is the shorter and direct route.

You arrive in Pokhara. After an hour of car ride, you reach Kade. This is where your actual trek begins. From here, you trek to Forest Camp. The next day you trek to High Camp. From there you trek to Mardi Base Camp. And trace back the same route.

5 day Mardi Himal trek is a great example of this route. It costs around $500-$600.

Route 2

This is a more relaxed route. It involves less hour of walk per day.

You arrive in Pokhara. From here, a car takes you to Phedi. From Phedi, you will trek to Pothana. It is a beautiful Gurung village. From Pothana, you trek onwards to Forest Camp. From there to High Camp. From there you trek to Mardi Base Camp and back.

This route takes around a week. The cost comes around $ 600. You can check the 8 days Mardi Himal trek as an example.

Each of these routes has its own advantages and beautiful adventures for you. The route you decide affects your Mardi Himal trek cost. The shorter routes are more demanding but cost less.

The longer routes are more comfortable. You will get plenty of time to explore the landscape and local village lifestyle and culture. But, they will cost more.

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The Mardi Himal Trek can take anywhere from 5-14 days. The range of duration is due to certain things:

  • Your trekking pace
  • The number of villages you explore
  • The starting point of your trek
  • Detours within the trip

The Mardi Himal trek lies between two beautiful and popular trekking destinations of Nepal. It lies between Annapurna Base Camp Trek and Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek. Once in the trails of Mardi Himal, you may like to continue on and do one or both of these treks.

These factors determine how long or short your Mardi Himal trek will. Every extended day will add to your Mardi Himal trek cost along with beautiful lifelong memories.


You need 2 different permits for your Mardi Himal Trek. These are:

  • ACAP (Annapurna Conservation Area Entry Permit): Nrs. 2000 or $20 ( additional Nrs.260 as VAT)
  • TIMS (Trekkers Information Management System): $20 (Nrs. 2000)

Some parts of the ACAP goes to the conservation of the area. You may have to show your permits in the different checkpoints along the trails.

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Modes of Transportation

Like every foreigner travelling to Nepal, you will arrive in Kathmandu.

To reach the actual location of your Mardi Himal Trek, you have the following options:

Kathmandu- Pokhara

Tourist Bus

Tourist buses cost US$10 per person for one way.

These are more comfortable and less packed than the local buses. You can get one from Kantipath. It is less than 10 minutes (walk) from Thamel. This 7 hour journey takes you through beautiful hills, terraced farms and villages.

Private Car

You can hire a private vehicle.

The cost is as follows:

Jeep: US$120

Van: US$220

This cost is for renting the whole vehicle along with the driver. You can share the cost among your own group.


You can take flights from Kathmandu to Pokhara. The 25 minutes flight costs US $124 per person one way.

On clear days, you get fabulous views. You can see Kathmandu and Pokhara valley along with the majestic mountains.

Local Bus/van

The local buses are the most affordable option. It costs $6/7 per person for one way.

If possible, book them one day ahead to ensure you get a comfortable seat. They can get crowded at times.

From Pokhara, depending on the route you chose, you have the following options:


It is an hour’s journey to Kade, the place where your actual trek on foot begins. It costs $1 per person for one way.


It is an hour’s journey to Phedi. Phedi is where your actual journey on foot begins. It costs $1 per person for one way on the local transportation.


This again is an hours journey. It costs $1 per person for one way on the local transportation.

Note: The trekking route from Sidhing to High Camp is not recommended. The trail is very steep with sheer drops. Accidents can and have happened on this part of the trails.

The cost mentioned is for the local transportation to and from Pokhara to the areas mentioned.


The Mardi Himal Trek is generally a tea house trek. You will be sleeping in beautiful, traditional teahouses.

The cost for an overnight stay at a local tea house is around $2-$6. This range is due to factors like your negotiating skills, time of trek.

The tea houses on Mardi Himal Trek are basic and offers only the essential items to trekkers.

Meals and Drinks

The cost for meals can range from $2-$6. The cost for meals rise with the increase in altitude.

The menu for your meals of your Mardi Himal trek is very basic. It includes the local delicacies.

This can include Dal, bhat tarkari (steamed rice, lentils and seasonal vegetables). It can also include noodles, momo (steamed dumplings).

You also get continental dishes up to Dhampus.

Your drinks options can include items like- hot and cold flavored drinks, tea, coffee.

The cost of bottled water can range from $.25-$4. This range is due to similar factors as your meal.

To decrease your expense, you can bring your own refillable bottles. You should also bring your own water purifying tabs or gels or steripen. This helps to prevent the risk of water contamination.

With or without guides

The trails leading to Mardi Himal are not like the well maintained popular trekking trails of Annapurna and Everest. Some parts of the Mardi Himal trails are not well marked. Hence, an experienced guide can come in handy.

An experienced guide can lead the way and make sure you don’t get lost along the way. This trek requires knowledge of the trekking routes. Certain sections on the last push to base camp are risky. A professional guide can become a real asset during these times.

A professional guide costs around $25 per day. This includes everything from fee, accommodation, food, and insurance.

Solo or Group

The cost for solo treks without a guide can be cheaper.

Yet, you will have to do everything by yourself. This includes getting permits, booking a room, ordering food, deciding the rest stops, tea houses. You will also have to look after yourself and your belongings throughout the trek.

For groups it is more comfortable and easier. Your agency or guide will take care of everything.

Both solo and group treks are possible for Mardi Himal trek.

Clothing and Equipment

The cost for your clothing and equipment depends on you. What do you plan to do? Buy them? Rent them? Or, simply reuse things you already have.

The basic list of clothes and equipment for your Mardi Himal Trek should include:

  • Hiking Boots (preferably worn in): $27-$100
  • Windcheater Jacket: $29
  • A nice fleece jacket (for cold nights): $35
  • Trekking pants: $35
  • Trekking shorts:$30
  • Trekking shirt: $32
  • Trekking sandals (great for relaxing in the tea house):$29
  • Sun glasses: $15
  • Wide brimmed hat (great for protecting your head, face from the sun): $12
  • Socks: $5
  • Trekking poles (great for the descent, balance): $21
  • A good sturdy backpack and a backpack cover:$40


  • Hand sanitizer: $3
  • Tissue paper: $1
  • Towel (easy to dry): $4
  • Toothbrush: $2
  • Tooth paste: $3
  • Shampoo: $5
  • Sunscreen lotion: $5
  • Soap: %1
  • Female hygiene products (not easily available on the trails): $2

This list includes only the basic necessities. It is only for reference. You are free to add or modify the list to suit your needs. The cost can vary depending on the quality and brand name.

You can also easily rent these things from Kathmandu. It usually costs around $1-5 per item per day for rent.

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Total Estimated Cost of Mardi Himal Trek

The total cost of your Mardi Himal Trek will be around $550-700. This range is due to the above mentioned factors.

This estimated cost includes everything you need during your trek. This includes the cost for your accommodation, meals, guide, permit.

Highlights of Mardi Himal Trek

  • Great views of some of the highest mountain peaks. You can see Annapurna, Dhaulagiri towards the west and Manaslu mountain range in the east. You can also see the beautiful and majestic Mt. Machhapuchhre ‘Fishtail’ and Mardi Himal.
  • Flexible itineraries with enough time to acclimatize.
  • Explore the beautiful surrounding, landscape, villages, culture along the trails.
  • A trek away from the crowded trails of the Annapurna region.
  • Well preserved and authentic trekking experience.

Extra Tips on your Mardi Himal Trek

  • The prices mentioned here are rough estimates. These can change depending on the time of trek, weather conditions and political situation of Nepal.
  • The best time to do the Mardi Himal Trek is the local autumn and spring season.
  • The Mardi Himal Trek is perfect for all including the novice trekkers.
  • Compare the package cost of different tour agencies. Make sure to check what the package entails.
  • The in-country package tours are more affordable than the online ones.
  • Make sure you have a day or two extra. These are great for flight delays, village exploration, city tours.

Final Say,

Mardi Himal Trekking is a newly opened trekking trail in the beautiful Annapurna Region. It takes you off-the-beaten trek.

The Mardi Himal trek is a trek away from the crowds. It is a short and easy trek.

You can see the whole of the stunning Annapurna range on this trek. If lucky, you may also get to encounter the diverse wildlife of the region. Mardi Himal Trek is a great trek suited for all.

To find out more about treks to Mardi Himal or any other place in Nepal, feel free to contact us.

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