Mustang Nepal Weather and Temperature

Mustang Nepal Weather and Temperature

Treks to Mustang is increasingly a popular choice among trekkers. While trekking to any place in Nepal, knowing the local weather and temperature is key. Mustang Nepal- Weather and Temperature helps you decide when to go and also helps in your packing.

Mustang was earlier known as the Kingdom of Lo. It lies at an altitude of 3840m in the North- Western part of Nepal. The region of Mustang includes two parts- Lower and Upper Mustang.

Unlike most popular treks to Nepal, treks to Mustang is possible throughout the year. It is comfortable and suitable for anyone regardless of the time of the year.

Introduction: Mustang Nepal- Weather and Temperature

Like all parts of Nepal, Mustang experiences four distinct seasons in a year. These have different weather condition and temperatures during different times of the year.

Mustang experiences a trans-Himalayan climatic condition which is cool and semi-arid. The average annual temperature of the region is about 10.9 °C during the day.

Mustang lies in the rain shadow area of the Annapurna region. The average rainfall per year is about 307 mm. This is one of the lowest in the country. Hence, treks to this region are possible and comfortable even in summer of Nepal.

It has great weather suitable for apple orchards and rhododendron forest. You can find both of these in plenty in this region.

The Mustang Nepal- weather and temperature varies between the two regions of Mustang. The same season can be a different experience in Upper Mustang and Lower Mustang.

This is obviously due to the difference in altitude and geographical location.

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In Nepal, March, April and May are the spring months. Spring in Mustang is great for treks.

Upper Mustang: Spring Season

Spring is one of the favorite seasons to trek in Nepal including Upper Mustang.

During the days, the average temperature ranges from 15 to 21 °C.

The temperature is neither too hot nor too cold for walks. At night the temperature can drop from -6 to 2 °C.

The local Spring season brings clear blue skies and great visibility on most days. You can view the rich landscape and surrounding mountain peaks.

During this season, the biggest festival of the region takes place. The Tiji Festival takes place on the premise of the former king’s palace.

You can enjoy the local culture and festivities. Most of the local people of the region gather here to partake in the festival.

You can enjoy the local picnics, cultural dances, prayers, dramas during this festival. You can also view the ancient palace of the once ‘forbidden kingdom’ of Nepal.

This season is also perfect to cross the high passes or climb different peaks in Upper Mustang.

Spring in Lower Mustang

The average temperature in Lower Mustang during Spring is around 18-20 degrees Celsius during the day.

Like Upper Mustang, the temperatures drop to negative degrees Celsius during the night.

Yet, this is applicable mostly in March. By April, it gets warmer and the average temperatures during the night increase.

You can enjoy pleasant walks in the evening in and around the local settlements during April and May.

April and May are windy months in Lower Mustang. Make sure you bring proper windproof jackets, buff, sunglasses to protect yourself. The winds do make the trails dusty.

Yet, April is the least humid month. You get crystal clear views of the Annapurna, Nilgiri, and Dhaulagiri mountains in Spring.

Treks to Lower Mustang in spring is also great for nature lovers. You can enjoy full blooms of the local forests of the regions. You can enjoy the colorful forest of rhododendrons on the trails of Lower Mustang.

The chance of spotting wildlife is also quite high in spring.

Mustang- The Forbidden Kingdom


Summer in Nepal starts in June and ends in August. Treks to Nepal in the summer season is the least favorable. Yet, treks to Upper Mustang is great during this season unlike treks to most parts of Nepal.

Summer in Upper Mustang

Upper Mustang lies in the rain-shadow area of Annapurna range. Hence, the summer season of Upper Mustang is different from most parts of Nepal.

Most parts of Nepal experience a wet summer. You can experience torrential rainfall and thunderstorms in summer.

But, Upper Mustang hardly experiences monsoon. Because it lies in the rain-shadow area, Upper Mustang faces no rainfall.

Treks to Upper Mustang show you a different side of Nepal. The upper Mustang has a very dry and arid landscape. You can see cliffs made of sandstone caves and houses made from stones.

Upper Mustang treks are the ideal trekking destination this season.

The days and nights are warmer than the rest of the year. The average temperature during daytime ranges from 18 to 28 °C. During the nights it drops to -2 to 0 °C.

Due to the absence of rainfall, you can enjoy a warm and dry trek during the summer as well.

The full moon day during August is the day of the Yarlung Mela. Yarlung Mela is also known as the horse festival. This is a festival celebrated in Mustang.

The locals of the region showcase their horse riding skills along with archery. You can also enjoy the local festivals and enjoy dancing, singing and merrymaking.

Summer in lower Mustang

Summer in Lower Mustang is quite different than in Upper Mustang. June is the warmest month of the year in lower Mustang.

You will experience a temperature of around 32 degrees Celsius during the day. The nights are warm with average temperatures of 21 degrees Celsius.

Lower Mustang do receive rainfall or snowfall during this season. During late July, there is an average of 6 days of significant precipitation.

August is the most humid month of this region. In August, the average relative humidity is about 77.6%.

Lower Mustang could be a bit wet and slippery during summer.

A proper rain gear and clothing is a must during this season. A great, waterproof trekking boot with proper grips is ideal during this season.

You can enjoy the trails in relative peace and tranquility. During this season, there are fewer trekkers in this region compared to the rest of the year.

You can also enjoy the rivers in its full glory. Beautiful streams, rivulets to waterfalls, you can enjoy nature in its full glory.

During this season, trekkers can enjoy warm weather, great local vegetation. The farmers in Lower Mustang are busy with their harvest of potatoes, wheat, barley.


The autumn months (September- November) sees the largest number of trekkers every year.

Autumn in Upper Mustang

Autumn months are the best months to do treks to Upper Mustang. These months offer great visibility. You can enjoy the magnificent views from different parts of your trek.

Everything is great during this season.

The temperature range from a cool 12 to a warm 20 °C during the day. The nights are colder. The temperatures can drop to -8 to -4 °C at night.

At night and early mornings, you can enjoy local drinks at the tea house. You can also share in conversations with fellow travelers.

This season offers great visibility with clear blue skies. You can enjoy the beauty of the region during these months.

Make sure you have proper windproof gears during these months. Strong winds from the north of the valley dominate the entire trails.

Autumn in Lower Mustang

Autumn is a busy month for Lower Mustang.

You can enjoy the energy and enthusiasm of trekkers from around the world in the tea houses and trekking trails of Mustang.

You can also see local trekkers. This region is a famous trekking destination for the locals as well.

The average daytime temperature is about 8-10 degrees Celsius during this season. The nights are colder.

Treks to Lower Mustang needs to be pre-booked. This includes your flights, tour packages, tea houses, lodges, hotels. This way, you will not have to queue for anything.

You won’t have to compromise on your sleeping and accommodation facilities, seats and timing of your flights.



The months of December, January and February are winter months in Nepal.

Treks to Nepal in winter are for those who don’t mind the cold. It is also for those who are looking for some extra adventure and challenge on their treks.

Winter trekking offers great views of snowy mountains, frozen lakes, rivers in most parts of Nepal. You will also find the trails peaceful and quiet with fewer trekkers.

Winter in Upper Mustang

The whole region of Upper Mustang goes into hibernation mode. Most of the people from Upper Mustang descend to lower regions in winter.

Due to the absence of central heating, the locals migrate from their villages during the freezing weather.

You can find very fewer locals in the region during these months. These locals are the ones responsible for looking after the house, or village during the winter months.

Hence the villages, tea houses of this region wear a deserted look during winter.

January is the coldest month.

In winter, the average daytime temperature is about 0 to 5 °C. It drops to -25 to -20 °C at night. Upper Mustang experiences heavy snowfall during these months.

Trekking in this region of Mustang during this season can be challenging for beginners and novice trekkers.

Make sure you have proper planning, right winter gears, and supplies. This is compulsory for a safe and successful trek.

For those who want to enjoy the benefits of winter trek yet do not want to face extreme weather, you still have a choice. You can choose to do these treks in early December or late February.

The winter will not have set in properly during the first weeks of December. Most of the tea houses will be open till Mid-December. Yet, you can enjoy the perks of winter treks- great views and fewer crowds.

By mid-February, the temperatures start to rise. The villagers also start returning to their villages by this time. You can still enjoy the occasional snowfall and majestic views during winter treks.

Winter in Lower Mustang

Winter is lower Mustang is cool. It is nothing like the freezing cold temperatures of Upper Mustang. Hence, treks to Lower Mustang is possible and suitable for anyone.

The average temperature during this season is between 23.9°C and 19.1°C.

Yet, it is always great to take the necessary precautions and the right gear and supplies.

This region of Mustang receives sporadic snowfall. For those of you who want to enjoy snowfall yet not be freezing cold, treks to Lower Mustang is the ideal choice.

From Lower Mustang too you can enjoy the magnificent view of the snow-capped mountains. You can also indulge in some winter games in this part of Mustang.

Mustang- The Forbidden Kingdom

Weather Conditions and Temperatures to Consider for your Mustang Trek

Kathmandu: For now, Kathmandu has the only international airport of Nepal. So, you will start your journey here. Knowing the weather conditions of Kathmandu is also helpful.

Pokhara: Pokhara is where your actual trek begins. Knowing the weather conditions of this place is extremely helpful. You may choose to spend some time in Kathmandu or Pokhara. This can be for sightseeing, buying packages, renting equipment, hiring guides or porters.

Note: Both Kathmandu and Pokhara enjoy the 4 distinct seasons prevalent in Mustang.

These cities enjoy a wet monsoon and a cool winter. Your flights may get delayed and cancelled due to the weather conditions of these places.

Hence, pre-information on the weather condition of these places are also important for your Mustang Trek.

Final Thoughts

Trek to Mustang takes you through some of the best preserved, traditional lifestyle, culture of Nepal. This trek takes you through the remote villages of the mountain region of Nepal.

With proper planning, right gears and supplies, treks to Mustang is doable throughout the year. For easy packing and trekking you must collect enough information on Mustang Nepal- Weather and Temperature.

Spring and autumn are the most popular choice for treks to Mustang. Yet, everyone has a personal preference.

If you don’t mind the crowd and want to avoid the crowds, winter treks to Lower Mustang is ideal as well.

Due to the absence of rainfall during summer season in Upper Mustang, it is ideal time for treks as well. You can enjoy the treks at your own pace and comfort.

Feel free to contact us for any further questions or queries about your treks to Mustang or any other place in Nepal.

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