Pokhara - Paradise on Earth

Pokhara – Paradise on Earth

Pokhara is one of the most beautiful city of Nepal. It is also the gateway of most of the trekking routes. Pokhara is visited not only by tourist but also the local citizens. People visit Pokhara for various reasons. Be it adventurous, recreational, family, or backpacking- Pokhara has the best facilities to serve every kind of interest.
The most popular area of this place is the Lakeside of Lake Fewa. This region is highly commercialized and has many resorts, hotels, restaurants, cafes and bars. You can also boat in the lake. The best hours of the day for some boating is dawn and dusk. The landscapes around this lake is breathtakingly gorgeous!
On a small island of the lake, a temple dedicated to a Hindu goddess is built. You can also boat to the temple and pay a visit to a religious site of the Hindus and get a glimpse of how the gods in this part of the world is glorified and worshipped.

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Pokhara happens to be one of the best destinations in the world for paragliding. Gliding across the sky, at a bird’s eye-sight, over the most beautiful city is an experience beyond describable. You will see a perfect picture of the city; deep valley are gracefully encircled with silvery streaks of lakes and rivers and the white Himalayan Ranges, standing still and tall, at the level of your eyesight.
Zip-lining is yet another extreme sports for which Pokhara is popular.
Pokhara is a great place to go hiking. You can visit David’s fall- a waterfall. The best time of the year to visit this waterfall is the monsoon season that stretches from July to September. You can also visit caves, or hike up to World Peace Pagoda. The World Peace Pagoda, religious site of the Buddhists, is built on a hill. As beautiful as the scenery from the hill is, the Pagoda is of no comparison!
Another famous place is the Sarangkot hill which can be hiked or driven to. The hill is popular for its beautiful sunrise and sunset view. The horizon is divided by a pearly white necklace made up of the Himalayan ranges. The sun rays, a combination blazing yellow, orange and red, slowly peaks through the mountains setting whatever it touched into fire. It is a view worth witnessing.
Yet another great way to explore the city is by cycling. You can simply cycle along the river side or through the market area. The weather is pleasant almost throughout the year for any such activities.

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Pokhara is also a great place to do some shopping. There are many local stores that sell local handicraft products, unique garments, and accessories.
You can also simple visit the city for relaxation. The area around the Lake can be a great way to forget all the professional and personal burden. You can send your night in luxurious resorts overlooking the lake along with its’ spectacular scenery. Several restaurants organize live music wherein the local dancers and singers perform cultural dance and song. It can be a great way to spend an evening dinner with your family and your loved ones.
Pokhara is the perfect package for a vacation. Disregard of your ides of a perfect vacation, Pokhara is the best option.

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