Things to Know Before Going to Nepal

Things to Know Before Going to Nepal

Also known as the land of the Himalayas, Nepal is applauded for her natural beauty all over the world. It is a small landlocked country situated in South Asia.

Things to know before going to Nepal are that Nepal has a diverse range of topographical structure and vegetation contained within a very small area. Blessed with favorable climatic condition, Nepal also makes the perfect spot for vacation any season.

Nepal has a diverse range of culture and religion. People from various caste have their own lifestyle and tradition. You will also see traces of culture derived from the neighboring countries- China and India.

Every culture has its own language, be it oral or verbal. It is always comforting to have a prior understanding of the culture, norms and lifestyle of the country you are visiting to. Other things to know before going to Nepal are-


Nepali and Newari is the most commonly spoken language. Do not expect a lot of people to understand English. But a larger part of the population, mostly in the cities, can fluently speak English.

Learn a few Nepali words. You can purchase a translation book in any of the local stores. You will also please your hosts by showing efforts to learn their language.

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TransportationThings to know before going to Nepal

Transportation is economical and easily available in Nepal. You can travel to different cities via flight. You can also purchase bus tickets at a price as less as 10-12$ to far distant place in Nepal.

To travel within the city premises, you can use cabs or public buses and micro-vans. Cabs are a little costlier but will save you time and unnecessary crowd. The public busses and vans are very cheap and will not cost you more than 2$ to cover even the furthest distance within the city. You will, however, have a difficulty in understanding the routes.

AccommodationThings to know before going to Nepal

Accommodation is easily available in Nepal. If you are visiting Nepal during peak season, you must book your hotel at least a month earlier.

All kinds of accommodation is available in Nepal. You can stay in a five star luxury resorts and hotels if you want to. You can also get economical but standard hotels if your budget is limited.

If you are backpacking, you can get a room in a guest house for as low as 4-6$ per night. The rooms will not be as luxurious and homely. The toilets might have squatting pans and you might have to pay for hot shower, if at all they provide the service.

GreetingThings to know before going to Nepal

The most common way to greet in Nepal is by Namaste. Namaste greeting is done by joining both hands like that during a prayer and saying “Namaste”.

Hand shake greetings have grown common. However, most women are still very uncomfortable with it. Do not hug anyone you are meeting for the first time. Your friendly gesture will be misunderstood.

Table Manners

Once you touch any food to your mouth it is considered to be defiled. It is the same with water bottles. If you happened to drink water from someone else bottle, do not defile it. If you are eating with your hand, use the right hand and not the left.


The culture of Nepal is dominated by religion. Overly exposing skin is considered to be disrespectful in Nepal. The fashion trends have however have changed within the city. Still, Avoid exposing too much of legs and shoulders. While visiting any religious sites, strictly dress decently. Exposing of skin in temples and monasteries is considered to be disrespectful.

Temples and MonasteriesThings to know before going to Nepal

You must dress decently while visiting temples and monasteries. Do not wear anything that is made up of leather in a temple. Also, do not enter inside the temple with shoes on. Leave a few rupees in the donation box. Do not take pictures unless permitted.

Purchase a Sim Card

Sim cards are easily available at any customer service stores of the sim companies. You will also find one at the gate of the international airport on your way out. The mobile network service of Nepal is pretty good and economical. You can also purchase data packages if you need.


These are some of the ice breaking things you need to know before visiting Nepal. You will see that the people of Nepal are very simple. They are enduring and tolerant. Help will arrive easily when you want and where you want. Travelling in Nepal is very easy and requires no effort.

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