Tour in Bhutan in May

Tour in Bhutan in May

Touring Bhutan in May is a great decision. Although the tiny Himalayan Kingdom, a tour in Bhutan can be a life-changing experience.

Bhutan does everything in a unique and awesome way. It is the only country that measures its success in units of happiness. You can see Phalluses scrawled on most of the walls.

May in Bhutan is still summer. You can enjoy warm weather and temperatures.

Although small, the weather and temperatures do differ from place to place due to the diverse landscape and topography. The higher you go, the colder it gets.

Allow us to give you more information about Bhutan Tour in May.

Highlights of Bhutan Tour in May

  • Blooms of rhododendrons and wildflowers of the country.
  • Less crowded than the peak time to visit Bhutan.
  • The cost of travel to Bhutan is also less in May.
  • Tiger’s Nest Monastery (3000m) perched on a vertical cliff.
  • Thimphu- the capital of Bhutan.
  • Dochula Pass and the 108 chortens (stupa). Built in the memory of the soldiers killed in the 2003 war against insurgents from India.
  • Red Panda Brewery- first established brewery of Bhutan (2006).
  • Chimi Lhakhang also known as the temple of Fertility.
  • Phobjikha Valley- a gorgeous wildlife reserve that is home to exotic wildlife and nature.
  • Gangtey Valley- home to Gangtey monastery and dense forests of magnolia, rhododendrons.

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Cost of Tour To Bhutan in May

The daily tariff in May is the US $200 per person. The daily tariff includes:

  • A minimum of 3-star accommodation.
  • All meals – Breakfast, lunch, dinner.
  • A licensed Tour Guide.
  • All transportation inside Bhutan, except flights.
  • Camping equipment, horses to carry your gear, a cook, and a lunch boy when hiking.
  • All Entrance fees.

If you are traveling solo or in groups of less than 2 than you will have to bear extra surcharge.

Single traveler – US$40 per night

Group of 2 travelers – US$30 per person/per night.

Note: $65 of the daily tariff serves as a government tax. This goes to public services like education and healthcare.

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The Climate of Bhutan in May

Bhutan has a diverse landscape, so the temperature and weather conditions vary within the country.

On average, the temperature in May varies from a cool 8 degrees to a moderate (warm) 20 degrees Celsius. You can also enjoy the occasional, light rainfall in May.

The higher altitudes have colder weather and can become quite chilly.

Solo or Group Bhutan Tours in May

Solo tours in Bhutan are possible only for citizens of India, Bangladesh, and the Maldives. For the rest, you will need to hire a tour company to get your visas to Bhutan approved. Your tour guide will accompany you during your tour of the beautiful country.

You are free to roam around within a city on your own. You are not allowed to go from one city to another without your guide. There are checkpoints between the different zones. They will verify your visa along with your tour company’s documents.

Allow us to take care of all these matters. You can enjoy the country without any stress and enjoy the entire trip at your own pace.

Accommodation choices in May

Unlike the peak seasons, the hotels, lodges will be available. You can find accommodations in 5-star hotels. They provide privileges that come with their own price.

There are also hotels and lodges that provide basic facilities.

A Typical 3-star hotel will provide you with the following:

  • Clean rooms with windows, proper ventilation, clean sheets, towel
  • Comfortable mattress and blanket
  • Attached bathroom with shower and toilet
  • 24 hours hot and cold water
  • Adequate in-room heating and cooling
  • Daily housekeeping

You can also opt for home stays. Not all houses in Bhutan have hot shower facilities. Yet, these homestays give you a personal and up-close look into the lives of the local Bhutanese.


Regardless of the season, you travel in, you will be traveling through Bhutan by car. Your tour package includes a dedicated private car and a certified driver. This is for the full duration of your trip.

The type of vehicle you get will depend on the size of your tour group. The type of cars can be as follows:

  • SUVs (Hyundai, Toyota, Nissan): up to 2 persons
  • Minivan (Toyota, Hyundai): up to 8 persons
  • Toyota Coaster bus: for more than 8 persons

Note: The roads are generally windy. If you are prone to motion sickness, make sure you have the proper medicines to counter that.

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Type of Clothing for May

Due to the varying temperature and climatic conditions, it is advisable to dress in layers.

Although May is warm, it does get the occasional rainfall. Having an umbrella or raincoat is always handy.

Make sure you take a warm jacket. It can also get colder during the nights and early mornings. The higher altitudes are also colder.

Be respectful and dress modestly while visiting religious places like monasteries, dzongs. Make sure to remove your footwear (shoes, slippers) before entering these places.

A wide-brimmed sun hat and sunglasses also come in handy for the warm and sunny days in May.

Recommended Bhutan Tours in May

3-5 days Bhutan Tour

This package is great for those who are short on time yet want to discover Bhutan. You will have the opportunity to explore the wonderland of Himalaya, Bhutan.

During this short 3 days tour, you will discover the unique charm of Bhutan. You can visit the world famous Tiger’s Nest Monastery. You will also get to explore the capital city of Thimphu.

You will have the opportunity to view the unique architecture, amazing high hill valley and Himalaya landscape. You will also get to enjoy the full blooms of the wildflowers of the country in May.

In May, you will be touring Bhutan in warm weather conditions unlike the freezing winter and wet monsoons.

8- days Bhutan Tour

During the 8 days Bhutan Tour you will get to explore the culturally rich kingdom of Bhutan. From exploring Thimphu to spending time in Paro, this 8 days Bhutan tour offers almost everything.

You will get to discover ancient monasteries and the unique architecture of Bhutan. You will also get to view the impressive high hill valley and Himalaya landscapes.

With warm weather, you can also opt to do treks. Some great treks to do in Bhutan are the Bumthang Ura, Dagala Thousand Lakes, Gasa Tsachu and so on.

Extra tips for your tours to Bhutan

  • Make sure your passport is valid for at least six months past your arrival date.
  • Dress modestly and respectfully especially when entering places of worship.
  • Bhutan has banned Tobacco products. There are penalties for smoking in public. Ask your guide where you can smoke.
  • Always ask and receive permission before taking photos of people, including children.
  • Religious iconography is everywhere in Bhutan. The stupas, mani stones, shrines, and temples are some examples. Always show respect for these religious objects. Avoid sitting or posing in front of them.
  • Go in a group of 2 or more. It will reduce your per head room cost.
  • You can place a small donation in the donation box while visiting monasteries.
  • Try the local cuisine. You can try Ema Dashi, butter tea.
  • Visit the farmers market, buy local products, fruit. Everything grown in Bhutan is organic.
  • Almost all dishes are spicy in Bhutan. If this is not your preference, let your guide know at the start of your tour.

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Final Say,

A tour to Bhutan is perfect for trekkers, nature lovers and culture explorers. By law, 60% of Bhutan has protected forest that belongs to the government. It actually absorbs more carbon than it uses.

It is also great for Buddhist and Hindu pilgrims and the curious minded travelers. With its rich culture and numerous monasteries and natural wonder, Bhutan is the ideal country for the tour.

May provides the visitors with moderate weather and light rainfall which is great to travel and explore Bhutan.

Tour in Bhutan in May is also great for those who want to avoid the crowds of the peak seasons.

Further, you can contact us for any queries, questions you may have about tours to Bhutan.

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