Mountain flights have become popular tourist magnetism in Nepal. Nepal eco-adventure offer regular flights into the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas. Mountain flights appeal to all categories of travelers. For those who are restricted by time or other considerations from going trekking, these flights offer a panoramic view of the Himalaya in just an hour. Travelers take off from Kathmandu in the early morning for an hour of spectacular mountain scenery. This flight is beneficial to those who don’t have much time for trek and tours. We suggest all the peoples to have safe and sound mountain flight from Nepal eco-adventure to fulfill your desire to the Mount Everest. We say mountain journey the short cut way to see the great Mount-Everst.

We offer you a panoramic encounter with the highest majestic Mountains every morning. The 14 setter comfortable plane departs from Kathmandu and flies alongside the Himalaya to give you eye level views of the snow peaks and then brings you in one hour. This keen watch of the mountains is possible within some hour’s flight. Cruising close to the awesome massifs of rock and ice, the flight presents a mind blowing strike on you.
When the plane takes off and heads towards the east you will see Gosiankund also called Shisha Pangma, standing at the majestic height of 8013m. Within a minute to the right of Gosiankund, there appears Dorge Lakpa 6966m.To the right of Dorge Lakpa is Phurbi Chyachu, which looms over the Kathmandu Valley. Along with the peaks greenery, rivers, lakes, sall or big valleys, villages are also the attractive points of this mountain flight.

As the plane glides along, the mountains come closer and closer. Next the vision Is Choba Bhamare, the smallest one of the lot at 5933m. Then appears the mountain, which is not only prominent in sight but also in spirituality Gauri Shankar. Lord Shankar [Shiva] and his consort Gauri are said to protect this mountain, at the proud height of 7134m.and summit had a history of unsuccessful attempts till 1979. Gauri -Shankar is sharp and very conspicuous during the mountain flight. As the plane moves toward the land of the rising sun, the eastern Himalaya, a succession of glorious mountains follow Melungtse, a plateau like mountain, stretches up to 7023m.Chugimago at 6297mis still virgin, waiting to be climbed. At 6956m. Numbur Mountain resembles a breast, the maternal source in the sky providing pure milk to the Sherpas of the Solukhumbu.

Next is Kayrolung, an intensely white mountain that at 6511m.  Gleams with the rising sun, Cho-Oyu are the sixth highest mountain in the world.  Reaching at height of 8201m, it appears stunningly beautiful from of the Aircraft. Next in the menu is Gyachungkang, at the majestic height of 7952m considered an extremely difficult to climb. To the Right of Gyachungkang is Pomori 7161m. As you get closer to Everest there is Nuptse 7855m, which means west peak, signifying its direction From Everest. Finally there is Mt.EVEREST 8848mitself, known as Sagarmatha by the Nepalese and Chomolungma by the Tibetans. Wetness it face to face during the Mountain flight is something else. Even in looms there in front of the eyes, it remains an enigma, this majestic spot on Earth.