Nepal Eco adventure is one of the leading trekking operators in Nepal Himalaya along with the trekking guide and tourism related service we have different and needed service sector as well. Nepal is a destination for study, project, geology and for sure a journal destination. If any of you are interested to hire a translator for Nepal related news collection, we have fluent speaking translators, apart from translating our translator helps you to fix the date place and time for the news collection in Himalaya. For example if you want to collect the recent news about a massive flood, and a huge lake formed by landslide in the Sunkoshi river at Ramche village of Sindupalchwok Nepal. We can help you with your project in these various field of interest.

If you are journalist and collecting news from Nepal, if you are a student and want to do project on your interest, if you are personal interested to run any research for you and your company in Nepal its possible from this organization. We have experienced translators who had already been working with many news agencies from abroad, so your matter of concern is strictly executed with us.
Nepal eco adventure felt the need of this service to our client directly stated, because we got many mails through trekking booking process for this translation service as well. So why not to give translation service to our client directly through expert, as far as we know about translation; translation done by the academic people is far better and effective than the trekking or tour guide. If you go through any trekking Guide and tour guide its just translation, but if you go through academic experts, its far more effective. For this translation service you can mail us at our e-mail account directly stating type and area of your project in Nepal. Our e-mail address is, use – understand & Select.