Essential Equipment for Trekking in Nepal.

Warm backpacking sleeping bag comfort temperature up to -15 degree Celsius.
Comfortable hiking boots. Make sure they are tried and tested before you go.
Spare boot laces.
Lightweight trainers/shoes for wear in lodges.
Waterproof jacket.
Waterproof trousers.
Fleece jacket.
Best Down jacket
Light-weight fleece or wool vests.
Long or short-sleeved shirt; often more comfortable to wear than a fleece vest or T-shirt.
Warm hiking trousers.
Warm hat (can be purchased in Kathmandu for a couple of pounds).
Wide rimmed sun hat.
2 – 3 pairs good quality walking socks.
Warm gloves or mitts.
Large rucksack or Duffel bag. (55 to 70 liters)
Rucksack liner or thick bin bag.
Day sack. (25 to 40 liters)
Dark sunglasses.
High factor sun-cream.
Lip balm preferably with sun bloc.
Ear plugs. (Walls in lodges are very thin)
Head torch/torch and spare batteries.
1 liter 2 water bottle.
Water purification kit. (On trek you will need to drink 3 – 4 liters of fluids each day)
Small hand towel. (Do not bring large towel. They are bulky and heavy)
Toilet paper. (You can buy poor quality paper along the route)

Non essential but recommended Equipment.
Walking or hiking pole(s).
Light-weight windproof jacket.
Neck warmer.
Sleeping bag liner.
Wet wipes
Length of string or para-cord. (12 feet)
Half a dozen clothes pegs.
Safety pins. (For attaching wet washing to rucksack to dry while trekking)
Plastic bags; shop carrier bags. These come in handy for a myriad of uses.
Camera. (Can recharge batteries for a small cost in lodges)
Book/games/cards etc.
Travel diary.
Lightweight hiking backpack. Check out these best hiking backpacks under $100.
Hand cleansing gel.

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  1. […] Trekking gears are a given. You can buy most of it in Kathmandu. However, unless your guide swears on his life, it is probably a rip off of the original brand and therefore not as reliable. It can hold for one trip though. If you want real quality products, bring from home. […]

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