Trekking in Nepal can be undertaken throughout the year depending on the regions.
A year can be divided into 4 different seasons in Nepal and each season has its distinct attraction to offer for trekking. Due to the variations in altitude level and climate, seasons act differently in different trekking and tour regions of Nepal. Even the same place appears in multiple preview according to the various seasons.

Autumn (Sept – Nov)
The autumn in Nepal, is the time when you can expect better visibility, fresh air, and the weather is perfect not to hot not to cold. As a festive acknowledge, the Nepalese most important and happenings festivals (Dashain and Tihar) are marked during this season.Nepal Eco Adventure welcomes you in the best season via offering excellent weather, tantalizing mountain views and many more.

Winter (Dec – Feb)
The winter in Nepal is noted for occasional snowfall and the air itself can be quite cold at higher elevations. Hence it is ideal for trekking at lower elevations, generally below 3000 meters and offers tantalizing mountain views with softy playful snow experiences. Basically its cold at night but at sunny day time it can be as warm as normal. Winter is considered a low season in Nepal, Nepal Eco adventure offers you better priced tour and short trekking packages specially designed for this season.

Spring (March – May)
One of the best season for trekking in Nepal, spring is particularly lovely as the mountain slopes, valleys, terraces, farming fields are covered with beautiful and colorful flowers, grains and lust greenness all around.There are still plenty of high snow mountains to enhance your photos. The temperature is quite moderate and the mountain views are excellent. High temperate forests glow with various color of Rhododendron, a national flower of Nepal which tranquil your heart for natural beauty. Nepal Eco adventure advice you to pick particularly highlighted packages that offers awesome spring experience in Nepal.

Summer (June – August)
Since this is a rainy season in the regions that facing south from Himalayan range It’s the favorite season to trek in the rain shadow areas behind the Himalayas like Upper Mustang, Dolpo and mt.Kailash. Still the regular city, cultural and heritage tours offers you a warm and wet looks to admire. This season is also recommended for forest researchers and botanist to study about various plants. Nepal Eco adventure provide you the adventure of summer in a local Nepalese way.