You like to visit many places from one place to another place. This is called traveling. Many people are fond of traveling to new places. We travel to various reasons. Most of us travel for pleasure and some of us for change of the air. Some people travel for education and dome for their business stuffs. In some cases we visit different places to meet relatives and friends and to visit pilgrimages. There are various mode of traveling among them simplest and economic way is walking on foots. We may travel by cycle, bike, two wheelers and four wheelers most of the times. Traveling in ships and aero – plane is also common in these modern days. Traveling is much better and easy these days in comparisons to the ancient time, which wasextremely difficult.

Traveling gives us pleasure because by traveling we can see the varsities of the things and beauty of the variations. They fill our mind with the joy and make each moment awesome. Seeing new things meeting new peoples are unforgettable part of our life during traveling the different places. Traveling also helps to understand different types of the people from different parts of the world. When we meet them we love them and make our feelings share to the huge mass in range. Loving them is to give them huge respect to them for sure. So we say, traveling creates fellow feeling and brotherhood among the humans.

Traveling Nepal is adventurous with difficulty with the off roads and many broken parts of the village far behind the hills locked with the mountains. There are no road transports but also the way of traveling in Nepal is famous as trekking here accounting the scene of the typical Himalayas like Everest the great and other prevalent mountains and the preservatives of these mountains. Traveling is useful in the sense that we discover the goodness with in human.

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