Trekking in Nepal with Kids

Do you want to trek with your kids? Have you finally managed to have you and your kid’s holidays scheduled on the same time of the year and it is finally parent/kid bounding time? Then, you are in a right place. We welcome you here to Nepal. Nepal has lots of amazing trekking sites to offer. Nepal offers many choices and all of them are so amazing, joyous and exciting that you will have a major problem selecting which one to go on.

Travelling as an elder is a part of the experience, traveling as a kid is a part of experience and education. Sometimes traveling can teach more than studying can. And how do we want our kids to grow up to be? Is it not that when they are a kid is the right time to mold them? More than half of kid’s population says some of their best memories are from traveling with their families.

Travelling with kids is the most efficient and fun way to form a bond with your kids. But it is not only about fun and parent/kid bounding time. It is also about what your kids who learn from you. It is through the example you teach them. You want to make it known to them that it is adventure, knowledge, and experiences that what we should fill our lives with rather than things. You want to make it known to them that it is better to have stories to tell rather than things to show.

We understand you. We understand that along with traveling you ought to take care of your kid’s safety side by side. We also understand that sometimes traveling especially, trekking with kids is not so easy. That is why we are here for your service so your family trek becomes fun, exciting and SAFE.

And your kids will have a golden opportunity to learn about moral knowledge and hospitality as the people of the Nepal are very friendly nature, welcomes all the visitors with an open heart. There is no such thing as hatred and jealousy in the heart of Nepalese people. Your kid will learn a great deal about all the good manners.

You must be surprised when the name Nepal came when you were looking for trekking destination along with your kids as Nepal is widely known for its wild trek routes and high-risk adventurous trek destination. But did you know? Nepal is also known for the most family-friendly trekking destination. Believe us when we say fun, exciting and safe. You and your kid’s joyful and exciting time and safety are our only priority. You want to create wonderful memories with your lovely children and we offer you the place which cannot be more exact than your dream trekking site.

Popular Destinations for Trekking in Nepal with Kids

1. Annapurna Region family destination

The Poon Hill Trek

Trekking is not just all about endurance and pushing your limits. The Poon Hill trek is one of the most popular trekking destination of Nepal. Four days route around the Annapurna range with beautiful views of mountains is a brilliant introduction to the fun outdoors to the little explorers who cannot sit still. The maximum elevation of this trek route is 3210m which means very low chances of altitude sickness. Any altitude sickness reported so far is 0 since few decades.

In case of any emergency, the direct access route with the good infrastructural facility to Pokhara one of the biggest city of Nepal is just a few meters away. There are some steep steps that will keep you and your kids challenged and entertained. It is a pleasant trek which passes through local villages and beautiful rhododendron forest. There are lodges on the way which are basic but comforting. The variety of meal choices are available so you need not worry about the food for your young one.

The Royal Trek

This trek route is named the royal trek since Prince Charles walked this trek route in the 1980s. The maximum elevation of this route is 1700 m with no risk of altitude sickness at all. The trek is a four days trek. It starts from the north of Pokhara valley and passes through several villages known as Gurung villages. The beautiful scenery of royal white snow cladded Mt. Annapurna greets you not so far as you trek through the route with your mischievous little one. And the trek ends at peaceful and mesmerizing Begnas lake which is in Pokhara. The Begnas lake is more developed lakeside than village sides.

The Annapurna Community Homestay Trek

The highest point of this trek is the Manohar Dada. It elevates to the height of 3,320. Although this trek route is less crowded as it is less selected by tourist it is however not less awestruck and safe than the others. It comprises with the views of beautiful landscapes and variety of culture. It takes up about five days to clear the trek with your kid. The trek is not too physically challenging and the route is facilitated with comfortable lodges and homestays.

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2. The Everest region light trek for the family

Although full Everest Base Camp is very challenging other shorter options have much more accommodation facilities than any other trek route in Nepal. The route comprises of some of the very luxurious lodges. However, the route elevates to the height of 4000 m. The trek route runs through the Sagarmatha national park. It takes five to seven days to complete the trek depending upon the path you choose to take. The route is greeted by beautiful mountain ranges and friendly Sherpa culture. It will be a very beautiful and educational experience to both the kids and their parents.

3. Mustang trek

Mustang is one of the most popular places to visit in Nepal. The maximum height of this trek is about 3,780 meters. The plus point of Mustang trek is that the option to hire a horse is available. Mustang trek has too many options as to which one to decide the final destination. The is a trek till Lower Mustang, Upper Mustang, and the height point the Lo Mustang. It takes 17 days to trek until Lo Mustang on a horse.

Lower Mustang, consider the Langtang area instead, which is closer to Kathmandu. Although the mountains here are not as high as in some parts of the country they are only about 6000 and 7000 meters, they are still impressive, especially as the Langtang Valley opens up. Children will enjoy spotting yaks.

4. The Shivapuri national park

It is a hike at the north side of Kathmandu valley it is within the valley. The trek route passes through the forest and rivers and monasteries. They are so beautiful and refreshing. The monkeys hanging around the monasteries will amuse the kids with their silliness. The Shivapuri national park trekking will take from 3 to 13 days depending on areas you would want to cover. It is inside the valley and not in height. But there are few steep paths.

5. Sightseeing around Kathmandu valley

Kathmandu valley has a lot more to offer to your kid. It is filled with loads of temples, ancient places. Your kid will be more than happy to see all the beautiful places Kathmandu has to offer. Sightseeing will add more knowledge in your kid’s brain. They are sure to talk lots of beautiful experiences and memories with them.

Places like Swayambhunath, Boudhanath, Pashupatinath, many beautiful places full of natural beauty and much more are sure to impress your kids and have a liking towards our nation.

Facilities Available in Nepal for Hiking with Kids:

It is not likely that you would consider hiring someone to carry your kids while trekking anywhere else, but not in Nepal. Here it is entirely possible to heir someone to carry the kids. Horse treks are also an option in certain areas like Mustang. Also, Nepalese are known for their hospitality and are very welcoming of children. Kids will remember the friendly people as much as the scenery on the trek.

Yes, trekking in Nepal with children certainly requires some special planning. But don’t worry the roads are spread into most of the mountains as well, this means many places are connected physically and in terms of emergency communication than they once used to be. Don’t rely on old information stay updated.

There are those parents who would take their children to a third world country like Nepal and those that wouldn’t. You know that the facilities at teahouses, which comprise food, warmth and somewhere to sleep, are not comparable to those in the western world. But wouldn’t the little challenges, refreshing environment and new cultural experience be more educational and fun to the kids? Nepal has a lot to offer to you as well as your kids. Nepal has plenty of shorter treks with lower elevation, which families will love discovering together. We welcome you here to Nepal.

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