7 Trekking Myths Debunked!

7 Trekking Myths Debunked!

There is no shortage of hiking and trekking myths and misconceptions, which will keep you from discovering the splendor of adventure of walking in the woods and the mountains. How many times have we abstain ourselves from joining a nice hiking or trekking with friends because of these myths. It is definitely time to debunk these nasty myths so you can see a whole new prospect of fun with hiking and trekking.

1. Real Trekking requires Camping:Teahouse Trekking- Nepal

If the fear of staying in the tent in the middle of jungle trying to light your fire to cook your own food is keeping you from trekking, Don’t let this fear deter you from experience of trekking, because not every trekking will require you to camp.  Actually, there are two famous types of trekking, camping and tea-house trekking. Most of the famous trekking destinations usually allow a comfortable stay at teahouses or lodges. These types of trekking will give you an experience of not just exploring the beautiful nature but also the local culture and people.  Enjoy the days walking in the nature and spend your night in the comfort of lodges.

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2. You need to buy all the latest expensive gears :


Well, it is true that some of the latest light weighed gears will help to make the trekking more comfortable. These clothings are  specially designed for trekking and use the development in the science and technology to make our experience while trekking better. But it is not necessary to buy all the latest expensive gears.  First, most of the popular trekking destinations usually have the facility of renting the required gears at a pretty decent price. This is a great option if you are not a regular trekker. Second, you do not need to get all the high-end gears for trekking. Focus on the basic rules: comfortable, breathable, light and easily layered clothes. Sometimes watching a local passing you in a flip-flop may make the purchased fancy gears seems unnecessary.

3. Trekking is very difficult :

Everest Base Camp Trek

Trekking is not your cup of tea. You cannot deal with the back breaking ascends, knee jolting descends and you are scared of altitude. Don’t worry! Not all the trekking routes are going to be difficult. You can try short and easy hiking routes recommend for novice trekkers. But be aware! Adventure of walking in nature is addictive. Once you start enjoying the walk, your heart may start demanding for more challenges.

4. Trekking is only for Young People:

Fit to Trek- Nepal

Hiking and trekking is not just for Young people. Don’t let your golden age to keep you from this wonderful adventure. There are plenty of easy trekking and hiking destination for everyone. Hiking and Trekking is not a race, you can walk in your own pace while enjoying the surrounding. The joy of slow walking in the nature while relishing its beauty is something any age can enjoy. All the anti-aging miracle creams and procedures may make your body look younger but none of these will make your heart feel young like good walk in the nature.

5. Luxury is a distance dream:

Luxury Trekking- Himalaya

Well this may have been a valid reason for you to abstain from trying out hiking few years back. But now, there are plenty of luxury hiking and trekking packages available for you to try out. Well it may be hefty for your pocket but you know it well, Luxury comes with a price.

 6. It is a wilderness out there:


The fear of the dangers of outdoor is the greatest hesitation for many of us. We have heard stories of hikers and adventurers getting lost in the wilderness while starving and battling the wild animals. But such things are very rare and can be avoided with a little care. Most of the famous trails in the world are well marked. If you still feel reluctant to try the trails, you can always get experienced guides or a group to join you for the trail.

7. You need to be Super fit :

There is a huge misconception that you need to be super athlete and super fit to do a trek. While some of the higher grade treks may require you to have prior trekking experiences and some good physical fitness, some of the easy hiking can be done by anyone who can walk. Nothing can keep you from hiking as you now know, you don’t need to join months of gym before trekking.

What other trekking myths have you heard of? How did you feel when you conquered your fear of outdoor and opened yourself for a new adventure? Share us your experience and thoughts in the comments below. We love to hear from you.

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