Why Trekking in Nepal is Such a Memorable Experience

Why Trekking in Nepal is Such a Memorable Experience

Nepal is popularly known for tourism. Most of the tourists that visit Nepal are trekkers and adventure seekers. Nepal’s geographical feature is extremely feasible to gain a thrilling experience of the nature from an entirely new dimension.

It is practically impossible to compare the experience driven from various trekking destinations from different countries. However, there are certain unique aspects of Nepal that makes trekking in this country a memorable experience. Some of them are listed below-

1.   Diverse range of Trekking destination

Eight among the ten highest peaks in the world resides in Nepal. Some treks demand you to cross some of the deadliest passes. On the other hand, so treks for relaxations to watch the sunset and enjoy the greenery of the surroundings.

Trekking in Nepal

Bottom line- you have a wide range of trekking destinations with all levels of difficulty to select from.

There are trekking destinations for bird-watching so that you can catch some of the most beautiful migratory and local birds. If you are interested in botany, Nepal has couple of trekking destinations that can confront you with some of the most beautiful flowers, shrubs and trees.

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2.   Unadulterated Scenic Beauty

Rural area makes up the larger part of Nepal’s geographical land. Most of the ecosystem of Nepal is still untouched. Modernization hasn’t been able to penetrate into this Himalayan country packed with scenic beauty.

Trekking in Nepal

This is why trekking in Nepal will give you the experience of nature in its purest form. The settlement along the trekking routes aren’t modernized and still have traditional values rooted in their lifestyle. The places you will be staying in simple and traditional.

3.   Hospitable Citizens

Nepalese people are patient and helpful. They are warm-hearted and polite. Most of the villages you will be spending your night in have Sherpa or Gurung residents. The Sherpa’s are known for their hospitality. They are outspoken, friendly and highly approachable. Even the women are confident.

Trekking in Nepal

If you happen to spend the night in a home-stay, you will notice that the hosts are very welcoming and friendly. No-where throughout the trek will you feel like you are not home.

4.   Culture

Nepal is culturally rich and diverse. Every place in Nepal has its own unique tradition and lifestyle. The people in the cities are mostly modernized. Outside the city premise, the daily lifestyle of the people have its roots on traditional values and beliefs.  Some of the trekking destination will take you to the land of Sherpa residence. The culture of Sherpa’s is largely inherited from the Tibetans. Their lifestyle and practices resemble the Tibetan culture to a large extent.

Trekking in Nepal IX

Trekking in Nepal will give you an opportunity to experience several unique cultures and learn from them. You will witness some of the most unusual practices and traditions in most of the villages.

5.   Accommodation and food

The city premises have luxury as well as economical accommodation facilities unlike village areas. While trekking you will be spending your nights in teahouses or guest houses of the villages. These tea houses are traditional n designs. You will also find home stay facilities in most of the villages.

Trekking in Nepal

You will get a chance to eat some of the finest food cooked in traditional Nepali style. A must to try is Dal Bhaat. Dal Bhaat is a generous serving of rice, vegetable, vegetable curry, pulses, and tomato chutney. It is available anywhere even along the route of all treks.


These are few among the many other reasons why trekking in Nepal is a memorable experience. Listing them all out would be a vain. It would be like trying to explain the color red to a person blind by birth. You need to experience it for yourself to know why it is truly worth all your time and money.

So, if you are reading this article then you are probably looking forward for an adventurous escape into the nature’s paradise. Visiting Nepal would be one of the best decisions you would have made for this experience.

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