1 Day Trisuli River Rafting


1 Day Trisuli River Rafting is one of the most popular whitewater rafting adventures in Nepal. If you are fond of water adventures, you cannot simply miss this wonderful opportunity to surf on the thrilling rapids of this magnificent river that runs parallel to the east-west of the Prithivi Highway.

Besides being one of the closest white weather rafting destinations from Kathmandu, the exhilarating adventures of this popular whitewater rafting destination in the country offer thrilling rapids and impressive gorges, including the easy section pools and drop rapids.

So despite you being completely new to whitewater rafting or an adrenaline junkie looking for some thrills with challenging rapids and drops, Trisuli River is where you ought to be.


Day 1
Kathmandu to Charaudi; Setup Gears and End adventure at Kuringhat
Trishuli River Rafting Itinerary Plan- Your Activities

For your 1 Day Trisuli River Rafting, you will start your adventure early in the morning after breakfast. You will board a comfortable vehicle from Kathmandu and drive toward Trisuli on Prithvi Highway. You will be able to enjoy the incredible views of the diverse landscape, from high hills to deep gorges and terraced farming, as you move along the highway, enjoying the views of the Himalayan massifs on the right side.

Your overall drive from Kathmandu to the whitewater rafting spot will take approximately around 3- 4 hours. While moving along the driving route on Prithvi Highway, you will take a short break at Malekhu, the popular stop destination en route to Kathmandu and Narayngadh at the bank of the Trisuli River. You enjoy some coffee, tea, and local snacks here, and then you will board the vehicle again, making your way to Charaudi, the rafting point on the Trisuli River.

After reaching Charaudi, it will take approximately another 30 minutes to set up the rafting equipment and gears. You are recommended to wear something comfortable as you will be wearing the safety gear above your clothes. Then, your guide will brief you about the overall water adventure, guidelines, and safety tips before you take your spot on the boat and start riding the waves.

You will move along the rapids, maneuver across the obstacles, and pass through spectacular landscapes between hills, lush forests, drop zones, easy pool sections, and hypnotizing gorges. During this downstream white rafting adventure, your guide will also let you know about the places where you can swim and go cliff jumping, but make sure to follow your guide’s instructions properly.

Then, after a remarkable whitewater rafting experience, you will end your adventure at Kuringhat. You will enjoy your delicious packed lunch at this rafting ending point and board a comfortable vehicle to drive back to Kathmandu.

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Best Season for 1 Day Trisuli River Rafting

Best Season for 1 Day Trisuli River Rafting

There are generally two seasons for white water rafting in Nepal: the high-water season and the low-water season. The summer and fall season is the high water season where the rapids for the 1 Day Trisuli River Rafting are at their full glory.

So, if you want to experience the challenging rapids in this rafting adventure, summer (June to August) and fall (September to November) are the seasons to be in Nepal. The summer and fall seasons are the peak seasons for white water rafting adventures in Nepal; not only will you be able to enjoy the thrilling rapids and fast-flowing currents in these seasons, but the warmer weather makes it the perfect time for this refreshing adventure.

Nothing feels as good as dipping in the cold fresh water in warm, pleasant weather conditions, and with the ideal water levels, you will be able to enjoy an incredible rafting experience amidst the lush, breathtaking landscape of these nourishing seasons.

As for the low water season, spring (March to May) and winter (December to February), although the rapids may not be as thrilling and exciting as the peak rafting seasons, you will still be able to enjoy your 1 Day Trisuli River Rafting. Unlike other whiter water rafting destinations, Trisuli still packs some major rapids which might be mild but still exciting, making it the perfect destination to enjoy this exciting water sport even in the low water seasons.

You will still be able to enjoy the rafting games, tubing, swimming, and cliff jumping during these low-water seasons. If you are new to whitewater rafting and prefer mild adventures, spring is a wonderful time to do this 1 Day Trisuli River Rafting as the climatic conditions are colder during the winter season.

Rafting Grade- 1 Day Trisuli River Rafting

Rafting Grade 1 Day Trisuli River Rafting

The whitewater rating in the Trisuli grade can be graded from easy-moderate to challenging; the majority of sections of the river are of Grade 2. It means that there are small to medium waves on the river with only obstructions along the route downstream. The Grade 1 section presents the flat water surface with potentially small waves clear of any or few obstacles that are easy to maneuver around.

Compared to these grades, the Grade 3 sections are slightly challenging and offer a great level of excitement with powerful rapids. Unlike other grades with few obstacles, you will have to deal with powerful waves, rocks, and eddies along the downstream route. You are allowed to maneuver over the Grade 3 rapids on the river only with an experienced guide, as you have to precisely row on the river to maneuver across the numerous obstacles.

There are several rapids of Grade 2 and Grade 3 scale in the downstream rafting route that make the whitewater rafting thrilling, like the Teendevi, snail’s nose, monkey rapid, surprise, monsoon, cotton pony, s-bend, ladies delight, pinball rapid, highway monsoon, etc.

You can choose what grade section you want to enjoy your adventure, as you will have an experienced guide onboard, you don’t need any kind of previous rafting experience. You will be well equipped with safety gear, including the life jacket and helmet; your guide will also brief you about the adventure. So, if you follow the safety guidelines and instructions properly, you will be able to make the best out of this thrilling whitewater adventure.

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