Bungee Jumping in Nepal


Bungee jumping in Nepal will offer the visitors the real adventure at falling from the high altitude at the real and natural places. The surroundings available at the bungee jumping area will be mesmerizing to see. The ever flowing river Bhote Koshi has increased the real importance of the bungee jumping in Nepal. The bungee jumping can be done at other countries too but not in the natural environment. Thus, the bungee jumping in Nepal will provide the great opportunity to the visitors of Nepal to enjoy the great adventurous activities. The ultimate thrill of the bungee jumping can be experienced in Nepal at the very best sights in the world. The bungee jumping is situated at the altitude of 160m above the Bhote Koshi River, lies north of Kathmandu 80 km away . We need to drive for about 3 to 4 hours from Kathmandu. The bungy jumping in Nepal will offer the visitors life time memorable experience from falling from the height towards the fast flowing Bhote Koshi River.

The bungee jumping spot can be reached with the drive for about 3 hours and 100 km northeast to within 12 km of the Tibet border, the bungee jumping is arranged at the 160m wide steel suspension bridge over the Bhote Koshi River in the beautiful gorge with the altitude of about 3600 feet. Regarding the matter of the security and safety of the health of the adventure trekkers, the bridge is one of the especially and finest design of the Swiss company using the finest types of materials and the best technician. Thus, the bridge and the ropes used in the bungee jumping will not be the matter to take tension while doing such bungee jumping.


Day 1
Kathmandu to last resort (drive)

From Kathmandu, we will drive towards the last resort or so called the ultimate bungy sport. The drive will goes for about 3 hours from Kathmandu to Tibet. The leisure time can be at the Bhote koshi River surroundings enjoying with the friends and other. The night will be at the resort.

Day 2
Bungee jumping

Today we will wake up early in the morning and will spend some of our quality time at the banks of the Bhote Koshi River. If someone is interested then he/she can do the river Canyoning, rafting, kayaking and other several river activities and if not then we have to be prepared for the bungee jumping. We will do the bungee jumping and will rest the night over there at resort sharing the experience with the friends.

Day 3
Return back to Kathmandu

Today we will return back to the Kathmandu viewing the wonderful sceneries of the surroundings. After the drive for about 3 hours we will be at the Kathmandu. The night will be resting at the Kathmandu enjoying with the friends.

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