A Day hiking to Nagarjuna


Manjushree saw Kathmandu valley from this legendary hill called Nagarjuna. It is a close hill from Kathmandu Located north-west of Kathmandu. Hiking to Nagarjuna is easy and short adventure activity near Kathmandu Valley. Also called historical Jamacho Peak (6,300 feet) takes 15 minutes by car than 2 and half hours up to the Nagarjuna hill. The mountain is very famous for Nagarjuna’s cave where he performed meditation. Along with Nagarjuna cave there is some other cave of Buddha, Mahasiddhas.

One of the famous story of the Buffalo Buddha(shortly) long time ago when Acharya Nagarjuna was living inside his cave happily, an idiot buffalo herdsman (from Kathmandu) became possessed by faith in the Master, and came to him frequently offering delicious curd and milk, etc. After passing few days when buffalo herdsman asked Nagarjuna to come to town, the Master got refused by Nagarjuna saying, ‘If you are able to meditate till perfect reality, sit down with me here in this cave’. Herdsman did as he was told to do, but mentally disturbed by his work of guarding buffaloes. Due to which he could think of nothing but buffaloes. After this problem Nagarjuna Suggest to herdsman as ‘visualize yourself as a buffalo’. After this clue buffalo herdsman meditated. Today the cave is so called, the Cave of Buffalo Buddha. And it is believed that buffalo herdsman became Buddha buffalo after meditation. Later on his horns struck the rock above him to initiate the holes, which today are known as his horn-prints. Then Nagarjuna suggest him to contemplate his whole body in its natural state of total relaxation. Meditating accordingly, body of buffalo Buddha became as previous and his senses became sharp and alert.

Not only the cave is the point of attraction but the place is also a view point due to its altitude. From the Top of Nagarjuna we can capture view of Kathmandu valley and mountain ranges. There is a small Buddhist stupa on the top of this hill which use to be the cover photo of Lonely planet Nepal in 2007 edition.


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  • A day hiking to Nagarjuna
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