Karnali Rafting


Karnali river rafting is one of the most challenging rivers in Nepal where the rafters get full pleasure during the rafting at the beautiful and fast flowing water of the Karnali River. The rafting at the Karnali River can be combined with the kayaking, fishing, jungle safari and trekking at the remote regions of Nepal. The rafting River will pass through the pristine forest which will provide the rafter to enjoy the great view of the wild regions of the regions including the wild animals and vegetations. The rafting at the Karnali River will also provides the rafters to enjoy the great view of the culture of the Tharu people residing at the regions. The rafting at the Karnali River will be based on the camping at the banks of the Karnali River. Karnali is the longest as well as largest river of Nepal and the rafting at the Karnali River will be great experience for the rafters. The rafting at the Karnali River will be a life time remembering act for every rafter.

Karnali River is one of the best spots in Nepal for the best rafting. The flow of the water at the Karnali River is the most suitable for the perfect rafting. Basically there are two Karnali; upper Karnali and lower Karnali. The upper Karnali is better known as the Humla Karnali which is actually originated from the holy Mt. Kailash. The rafting at these two in a combined way at the Karnali River will be interesting.

The rafting at the Karnali River will begin from the Sauli near the Surkhet. Throughout the trekking trail, we can glimpse the best scene of the surroundings, magnificent culture of the Tharu people and beautiful jungle safari at the different places. Rafting at the Karnali River will also provides the rafters the best chances to explore more about the remote regions of the far western regions. The rafting at the Karnali River can be combined with the Bardiya national park tour or the Tharu cultural tour in Karnali region.


Day 1
Kathmandu to Surkhet

From Kathmandu, we will catch the flight towards the Nepalgunj. The flight will continue for about 1 to 2 hours and after landing at the Nepalgunj, we will drive towards the Surkhet following the main trail of the regions. We will finally reach at the Surkhet.

Day 2
Drive towards Dhungeshwor

From Surkhet, we will drive for about 6 hours through the main trail to reach at the Dhungeshwor. The night will be at the Dhungeshwor resting during the night.

Day 3
First enquiry (exciting rapids and lovely beach to camp)

We will begin our rafting from the Dhungeshwor. We will enter into the exciting flow of the river from where we can enjoy the great rafting at the fast flowing water. After having the whole day rafting at the river, we will rest the night at the tented camp.

Day 4
God's house

We will raft at the river for the whole day and the day will be ending with the resting nights at the tented camp. The rafting at the fast flow of the river will be interesting in the river.

Day 5
Seti Dovan

From the tented camp, we will clear the camp and will raft towards the Seti Dovan. The day will be full of action as we can spend the whole day at the river rafting and challenging the flow of the water.

Day 6
Jamuna village

After having the wonderful rafting, we will enter into the beautiful and traditional villages of the regions at Jamuna villages. The visit at the Jamuna villages will be interesting anyways. We will spend a day at the villages to know more about the local people and their local tradition.

Day 7
Rest day at Jamuna village

We will spend our day at the Jamuna village visiting around the villages enjoying the great sight of the villages along with the traditional and cultural aspects of the local people. The visit at the beautiful villages will be based on exploring more about the regions along with their culture and tradition.

Day 8
Bheri confluence (visit Bardiya national park)

We will move towards the Bheri confluence for the day and then to another day, we may have the jungle safari at the Bardiya national park. The jungle safari at the Bardiya national park will be interesting as we can view the glorious view of the green forest along with the natural habitat of the various types of wild animals.

Day 9

After visiting at the Bardiya national park, we will move towards the Chisopani. The view of the glorious surroundings will be interesting as well. Thus, our rafting at the Karnali River will ends at the Chisopani of the Pokhara. The night will be at one of the sophisticated hotels.

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