Lhasa Bike Tour


Measuring the distance of 1100 kilometres from the Tibetan capital Lhasa to Kathmandu after passing through six high passes over 5000 metres, Lhasa Bike Tour is the world’s most popular and adventurous bicycle journey route from Nepal Eco Adventure deep into the roof of the world. Avoiding Lhasa – Kathmandu kodari highway, this adventure bycycling includes a tour of world’s highest Rongbuk Monastery and the north base camp of Mt. Everest with scenic part in every paddles.

This package not only offers the opportunity of experiencing world’s longest and deepest bike descent from the heart of Tibet to Kathmandu but also screens glimpses of antique Tibetan culture, tradition and rituals with an admix astonishing modern civilization. The experience once you record in your memory will long last with us.


Day 1
Day 01 : Arrive Kathmandu and straight Drive in private car or tourist bus from Kathmandu to Lhasa.
Day 2
Day 02: Sightseeing day and Bazaar Visit of Lahsa.
Day 3
Day 03: Visit to Drepung Monastery and Sera Monastery with unique art and architecture in Tibet.
Day 4
Day 04: Commence of bike paddles from Lhasa to Khampa-la Pass.
Day 5
Day 05: Paddeling again from Khampa-la Pass to Nagartse.
Day 6
Day 06: Nagartse to Simi-la Pass
Day 7
Day 07: Visit to Simi-la Pass to Gyantse paddling.
Day 8
Day 08: Cycling from Gyantse to Shigatse.
Day 9
Day 09: Today is our Rest day.
Day 10
Day 10: Continue paddeling from Shigatse to Tso-la Pass.
Day 11
Day 11: Cycling from Tso-la Pass to Gyamtso-la Pass.
Day 12
Day 12: Cycling from Gyamtso-la Pass to Shegar.
Day 13
Day 13: Cycling from Shegar to Choesang.
Day 14
Day 14: Cycling from Choesang to Rongbuk.
Day 15
Day 15: Exploration day for us.
Day 16
Day 16: Cycling from Rongbuk to Tingri.
Day 17
Day 17: Continue cycling from Tingri to Lalung-la Pass.
Day 18
Day 18: Again cycling from Lalung-la Pass to Nyalam.
Day 19
Day 19: Cycling from Nyalam to Bote Koshi River.
Day 20
Day 20: Cycling on the road along the Bank of river from Bote Koshi River-Kathmandu. We reach to Kathmandu today.
Day 21
Day 21: Departure to your sweet home. Drop to airport.

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