namche bazaar

What To Do in Namche Bazaar

Namche Bazaar, locally named as ‘Nauche’, is a tourist trading hub located in north-east of Nepal. The official viewpoint of Everest lies at an altitude of 3,340 meters along the Mt Everest Base Camp trail.

Namche Bazaar is located in the vicinity of Sagarmatha National Park, which covers 1,1248 square kilometers. It is home to the rare species of animals like the snow leopard, musk deer, and red panda.

Of course, there are some mainstream attractions, not least of all the roaring wonder of live music in the height party-hub, and the up-and-coming proximity to Mt. Everest – certainly one to behold!

So, if you are adventurous and ready to throw caution to the wind, it’ll be worth considering this jewel of Nepal for sure.

1. Meet the Last of the First

Meet the living legend – Kanchha Sherpa, the last surviving member of the historic first expedition of Mt Everest. He joined Tenzing Norgay Sherpa and Edmund Hillary along with other Sherpas in the team, carrying the equipment and food.

Kanchha, along with the team, carried over 50 pounds each of load to the 2nd base camp. They waited for the duo to descend from the Everest and finally celebrated the feat.

Travel to Namche Bazaar and visit Nirvana Home Lodge to listen to the backstory of the event as well as other fascinating incidents in his 20 years of work as a high-altitude porter.

And don’t miss out on the speaking program for tourists from this local celebrity titled: ‘Story Time with Kanchha’.

2. Say Hi to the Bigfoot, in Nepali Style


‘Is it scary?’

‘We don’t know.’

Yeti, fabled as a snowman, is similar to Harambe, but scarier, and less overused.

The Nepalese version of Bigfoot, Yeti lives in Sherpa folklore and is portrayed as giant enough to carry away husky yaks and feast on them. The staggering EIGHT feet tall creature haunts the most remote corners of the Khumbu region and beyond, and reportedly seen by local guides on more than one occasion.

The Himalayan legend came to fame in the 19th century, thanks to the facet of western popular culture.

The first and the only evidence of the Yeti rests in Khumjung Gompa. The Gompa is about an hour walking-distance from Namche Bazaar. Allocate a small token fee and visit the landmark to encounter this ‘one of a kind’ creature.

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3. Be a Part of History at Mt. Everest Documentation Center

If you’re a mountain enthusiast and is enticed by the Everest expedition, Mt. Everest Documentation Centre is your goal.

Located at the outskirt of Namche, Mt. Everest Documentation Centre exhibits the pride of historic first expedition story portrayed in photographs. The Center is famous for photo collection of all the significant events that occurred in Everest and around.

Along with the photographs displayed, the tales of Sherpa climbers are told.

The major highlights of the Center include the photographs of Ang Rita Sherpa, the first man who conquered Mt Everest 10 times without artificial oxygen.

The Mt. Everest Documentation Centre opens every day.

4. Heal yourself after Weary Journey

Heal yourself after Weary Journey

A full day of complete and utter silence.

Do you think it is worth inner peace? We thought so.

If you want to boost yourself up a physical, mental, and emotional level – meditation might be just what you’ve been searching for. And is there a better place to cleanse yourself than the land of ancient sages and masters?

Lawudo Gompa offers meditation retreats. Retreat rooms on the Gompa are often full of visitors who want to engage in some long-term meditation practice.

Making bookings and payments with the monastery’s Kathmandu Office is recommended for a long-term stay at the Gompa.

Spend a day at the Gompa, book necessary accommodations, and attend the orientation. Volunteer staff will review the code of discipline, and then you will go through the meditation course.

Finally, you will be standing tall with the thought-

I’m a changed man!”

5. Party on Top of the World

Party on Top of the World

Namche transforms sundown into the ultimate partying hub, full of revelers bustling about, trying to find the perfect spot to chase the night away.

Music from the clubs all around sounds louder along with the arrival of autumn, and no shortage of drinks and snacks appeals you to munch out as you rave over moments.

Irish Pub is at the center of Namche Bazaar and is famous for music, a balcony with spectacular views of mountains, and affordable cocktails and beers.

The bars usually host afterparties for the climbers and invite famous singers from the country for live music.

If you want to dance the night away, Namche is a place to be. Our only advice– Do not leave your drink unattended!

6. Side Trips around Namche Bazaar

You have now explored most of the beauty Namche has to offer, and still have some days left. Thinking about what’s next?

Here are the best side treks that will justify the phrase ‘Heaven on Earth’. Have a look!

Everest View Hotel

Everest View Hotel

This popular short hike from Namche begins with a steep climb through stairs and takes you through fir trees. The blooming rhododendron decorates the trail, which flattens as you go higher.

As the name suggests, Everest View Hotel is built at a ride to watch the highest mountain– Mt. Everest. This hotel offers the best close-up view of many magnificent peaks like Ama Dablam, Lhotse, and Nuptse.

One unique feature of the hotel is that you can see the view of Mt Everest from all the rooms here. It is a luxurious hotel and charges you nearly $375 per night for a couple.

Don’t get disappointed, though! On reaching Everest View Hotel, a section of the terrace is available for visitors who cannot afford to stay in the luxurious hotel.

Did you know that Hotel Everest View is enlisted in the Guinness World Book of Records as the highest altitude hotel in the world? Well, you do now!

Thame Village

thame village

If your bucket list includes experiencing a new culture, prepare to mark it done with a visit to Thame village.

Thame lies at 9.2km away from Namche. This trek will take you through some wild paths and hence requires more physical strength.

Thame is an old traditional Sherpa village, home to some best Nepalese climbers of all time.

Meet the locals and ask them about their lifestyle. Visit Sanasa, a historic marketplace and buy handicrafts from the sellers who have come from Tibet. Pray and meditate at Thame Monastery, the oldest of the Khumbu region. Attend the Mani Rimdu festival. The offbeat and less crowded hamlet offers authentic Sherpa life experience and more.

Oh, and don’t miss the excellent views of snow-capped mountains and the mighty Everest!

Khumjung and Khunde Village


Travelers usually hike to nearby Khunde and Khumjung village for acclimatization before embarking on their journey to a higher altitude.

Known as the twin villages of the Everest region, a short round trek to these villages is a perfect option for a day hike. The major attractions of this short hike are the warmth of Sherpa culture, the taste of local cuisines, observe developmental milestones, and to see the mountains from fresh angles.

Khumjung is the largest village in the Khumbu at the foot of the sacred peak Khumbila. You can visit Khumjung School, which is the most prominent school in Khumbu, established in 1960.

Also, Khunde is just a little above Khumjung at an altitude of 3,850m. Awe-inspiring views are never out of sight. ‘Khunde Hospital’ built by Sir Edmund Hillary in 1966 is a landmark here and serves more than 8,000 people in the Khumbu region.


Namche Bazaar is the ultimate travel destination. This epitome of heaven on earth is a gateway to the highest mountain in the world. The tourist hub, isolated from road transportation, offers all sorts of luxurious facilities including hotels, restaurants, pubs, bars, cafes and even the pool houses.

Enjoy a coffee at the highest altitude here with extraordinary views of the Himalayas. And smile back to the king of the mountains, the mighty Everest, Sagarmatha.

Happy Travelling!